5 Tips to Get Results while Exercising at Home

5 Tips to Get Results while Exercising at Home

Since the pandemic hit, you’ve probably found it extra easy to avoid the gym and start working out at home. Or stop working out all together. Sure, COVID is a great reason to avoid the gym, but can’t you also think of about 1000 others? 

Save money. 

Avoid crowds (We did this before we were avoiding germs. Remember?). 

Save on gas. 

Avoid thinking, I’m already out, I might as well stop at (insert favorite fast food place here) for a quick dinner because I used all my time at the gym. 

Let your kids see this healthy side of you. I won’t go on. 

Of course, there are definitely cons also: You don’t have all the equipment at home. You might not get as good results. There are more distractions at home—those darn kids again. 

So here are some tips to get great results while exercising from home, even with your lack of resources:

1. Plan ahead. When you have the gym to go to, sometimes you just let the gym plan your workout for you. That person has been using the machine I want for 45 minutes . . . I guess I’ll just work on my legs today. Oh look. We found another pro to working out at home . . . If you plan your workouts ahead of time, you’re more likely to push yourself harder and get better results. You can plan out things like how many sets you’ll do, how long you’ll hold a plank, and, of course, what part of your body you want to focus on today. 

2. Utilize free online trainers. There are a bunch of people trying to make money on YouTube and some of them are actually helpful. And if you do this, you can forget all about step one and save time. 

3. Use stuff you have around your house. Don’t have weights? Lift your 5-year-old son up in the air 10 times. 3 reps. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it and you’ll get a great workout, depending on what you’ve been feeding him. But if you think lifting up your son sounds a little dangerous, books or all that flour you bought in bulk for the pandemic also work too. Don’t want to lift weights today? Try stretching with tools around the house. Things like blankets, towels, and belts can be great tools for stretching. And don’t forget about your Chirp Wheels, which are great for back pain relief, stretching, or a great workout. 

4. Do body weight exercises. Squats, leg lifts, planks, and push-ups work really well to tone your body. If you feel like you aren’t getting results from that, it’s probably because you aren’t trying hard enough. Sorry, but your mom has been lying to you; not everything you do is perfect. (Flashback: Yes Stephanie, that picture is beautiful.) If you aren’t getting results from body weight exercises, try upping your reps or waiting a bit longer and sticking with it. Sometimes results take time. 

5. Try something new. Have you been doing the same 5 workouts for as long as you can remember? That’s probably because you’ve been going to the gym. BAM! Another reason working out at home is better. Try yoga, running, boxing, or that other thing you’ve always wanted to try. Starting a new hobby might even help motivate you to try harder and become the next YouTube sensation. But let’s be honest, you probably won’t make any money on YouTube with your newfound hobby. But at least you tried.