4 Tiny Animals That Fit inside the 4” Chirp Wheel

4 Tiny Animals That Fit inside the 4” Chirp Wheel

The new 4” Chirp Wheel+ is small. But don’t let that fool you. It is just as mighty as it is tiny, reaching muscle knots deep in your neck and shoulders that you’ve been waiting to get rid of for years. To help you understand just how tiny and mighty this wheel is, we put together a list of animals you can compare it to. You shouldn’t let these cute animals fool you either.  Plus, who doesn’t love learning about animals? 

Baby Chihuahua

Although an adult chihuahua wouldn’t fit inside the 4 inch wheel, a baby one sure would. But they aren’t just known for being small. One study discovered that chihuahuas are one of the most fierce and aggressive breeds of dog because of their size. No wonder they’re called ankle biters. 

Size: 3–4 inches

Fun facts:

  • These ankle biters will often double in size during the first few weeks of life
  • Chihuahuas may have been bigger; they were crossed with a smaller hairless dog from Asia after that the breed shrank
  • There are two types of head shapes a chihuahua can have: apple or deer shaped heads

Madame Berthe’s Mouse Lemur

Even though these mouse lemurs are tiny, they can survive any season. They show their toughness lasting through drought, cold weather, or lack of resources by reducing their metabolic rate and body temperature. Tough and tiny, sounds like the 4” wheel to me. 

Size: 3.6 inches 

Fun facts: 

  • The smallest primate in the world
  • They can slow down their metabolism during cold months to conserve water and energy
  • They eat insect excreta to survive in the dry season

Etruscan Shrew

The Etruscan Shrew eats one and half to two times its body weight a day, using their sense of touch to hunt. This makes them very territorial. They protect their homes by showing aggression and making chirping noises. Chirp...hmm a little too similar. 

Size: 1.4–2 inches 

Fun facts:

  • Some species of shrew are venomous. They pass the venom to prey like mice through grooves in their teeth.
  • Their heart beats 800 times a minute, which is much faster than a hummingbird’s heart rate.

Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat

These bats are very rare today partially because of people's fear of bats. Though they are very small, what they lack in size, they make up for by colonizing with up to 500 individual bats. Just like these bats, the Chirp Wheel loves the company of its bigger family members, if it had feelings. It is really just a tool to help you feel better.

Size: 1.1–1.3 inches

Fun facts:

  • This bat is the smallest mammal in the world, lengthwise
  • They are so small, they are sometimes called bumblebee bats
  • The live in limestone caves along rivers in Thailand and Burma

A little more about the new 4” Chirp Wheel

The 4” Chirp Wheel can focus on neck pain through traction and massage. It helps reduce tension headaches, target key pressure points in your neck and shoulders, and reverse tech-neck. You can also use it for back pain relief to target muscle knots in your back. And it’s small enough and strong enough to use anywhere you need focused relief, such as your hamstrings, calves, glutes, or even your feet.