11 Solutions to Holiday Back Pain

11 Solutions to Holiday Back Pain

Unfortunately back pain doesn’t magically disappear during the holidays like Santa’s cookies do. In fact, you might experience even more back pain during the holidays. Why? We’re glad you asked. Here are 11 reasons why you might experience extra back pain during the holidays and (you’re welcome) simple solutions to fix you back:

1. Stress. Something we sometimes fail to talk about is the stress that comes from the holiday season. Whether you’re worried about finding a perfect gift for a loved one, spending too much money, not having enough money to buy the gift you’d like to, or spending time with relatives, stress causes tension and back pain

Solution: Take time to yourself or with family who doesn’t stress you out to relax. Roll out on the Chirp Wheel, watch a movie, or do something else you love. Take a break from thinking about whatever it is that is causing you stress.

2. Walking on ice. When it’s cold outside, the ice starts to form on the ground, the snow falls, and you literally have to walk on ice. Walking on ice makes you tense up your muscles so you don’t slip and fall. All that careful snow walking can cause muscle aches and pain, especially if you actually did fall.

Solution: There are a few things you can do to help ease muscle tension from walking on ice. Roll out on the Chirp Wheel to release tension and soreness in your back. And wear shoes with good traction when you go outside. That way, you can prevent and recover from the ice.

3. More sugar. With the holidays comes a lot of sugar. Neighbors, friends, family, and your work all shove treats and goodies into your life. Unfortunately sugar causes inflammation, which can do a number on your back pain.

Solution: When you have a chance, bring your own healthier snacks to a party or event. Also, learn that it’s okay to say thank you for a gift of sweets but never eat it, even though it might be tempting. You decide whether or not it’s worth the extra back pain. And never forget to use your Chirp Wheel when you’re feeling the results of all that candy.

4. Sleeping on beds your back isn’t used to. Even if your relatives have a really nice bed for you to sleep on, changing a mattress (no matter how good it is) can cause your back to ache.

Solution: Bring your Chirp Wheel with you on your stay. That way when you wake up with an achy back, you can just roll the pain away. You can also try using hot or cold packs to ease the ache.

5. Moving differently than you do for your regular daily routine. You’re participating in all sorts of activities you don’t usually do on a normal day: shopping, putting up Christmas lights, or traveling. You muscles just aren’t used to all this.

Solution: Stretch your muscles before bed or when you wake up. Stretching can make a big difference when it comes to back pain. Use your Chirp Wheel to stretch out or just do some basic toe touches. You can even try yoga. The more limber you are, chances are you won’t have as much back pain.

6. Lifting. Around this time of year, you might be doing some heavy lifting, such as Christmas trees, decorations, or heavy presents. 

Solution: Lift correctly. Just one small mistake when lifting and you’ve got back pain for a month. Make sure to bend your knees, keeping the natural curvature of your spine as you lift. And if something is too heavy, ask for assistance.

7. Cooking more often and being on your feet. Whether you’re the host and you’re making a feast every night for family and friends or you’re helping out, being on your feet more than usually can cause your back to hurt.

Solution: Take breaks. Don’t stand for too long without taking short breaks whenever you feel the ache coming on. Do simple things like quickly roll out on your Chirp Wheel, sit down and stretch, or just sit.

8. Sitting. On the opposite end, you might be doing your best to use your holiday to relax and stay out of the cold. But sitting for too long, especially if your body isn’t used to it can bring pain as well.

Solution: Take a break from your break. During a holiday movie, volunteer to be the one to stand up and make the popcorn and hot coco. Roll out on your Chirp Wheel, or just make sure you move around a bit when you start feeling tense.

9. Winter sports soreness. If you love this time of year because it means you get to go out on the slopes, you might also be at risk for more back pain.

Solution: Warm up, stretch, and be careful. While we want you to have a great time skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, make sure you prepare your muscles before you get out there. Take time to cool down with the Chirp Wheel after your ride. And don’t do anything too dangerous unless you’ve been trained and you know you can handle it. An injury can bring added back pain and medical bills, two things you don’t want during the holidays.

10. Travel. If you have to travel far to see family or loved ones for the holidays, sitting for a long time on a plane or in a car can aggravate your back pain.

Solution: Bring a back pain relief kit. Bring the new 4” Chirp Wheel on your trip, your favorite pillow, and some hot and cold packs. Stand up and stretch whenever you get the chance. And wear shoes that are comfortable for travel. All this can help you escape back pain while you travel across the country.

11. Family activities. Whether your family loves to play touch football during the holidays or prefers hiking a snowing mountain, you’re usually forced to attend even if you have a bad back.

Solution: Suggest family activities that you feel comfortable doing. Play a board game on the table rather than the floor. Opt out of pickleball if you need to. Plan a workout to do with your family that your body would be okay with. And above all, remember that the Chirp Wheel is your friend.

A few extra tips for back pain relief:

  • Keep moving even if you’re not home.
  • Include healthy foods in your diet.
  • Go get a massage (it’s the holidays, splurge)
  • Skip the alcohol (this can cause extra inflammation and back pain)