100 Reasons to Skip the Chocolate and Flowers on Mother’s Day

100 Reasons to Skip the Chocolate and Flowers on Mother’s Day

Moms do a lot. They feed and clothe you, often even after you’ve grown up. They give the best advice. They love you even when you’re really annoying. And some of them even do it all with back pain. Thankfully, we have Mother’s Day as a nice reminder to give back. But this year, don’t give your mom chocolate and flowers. Give her something that shows you actually put some thought into it: the Chirp Wheel. Whether the mom in your life has back pain or just needs a break, there are a lot of reasons the Chirp Wheel might benefit her needs. 


This Mother’s Day, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mom or looking for some way to express in words how much she means to you, here’s a list that provides both. These are just the 100 reasons we thought of why moms need the Chirp Wheel instead of generic Mother’s day gifts, I’m sure you can help us come up with 100+ more. And moms, don’t be afraid to buy one for yourself; you deserve it. 


P.S. don’t worry, I’m sure someone will still give you chocolate.


What is the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel+ is a back roller that stretches the muscles around your spine to relieve upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. It is shaped like a wheel so it can fit between your shoulder blades and massage deeply into the muscles around your spine. It comes in three different sizes: Gentle (12 inch), Medium (10 inch), and Deep Tissue (6 inch). The main difference between each wheel is diameter; the smallest wheel applies the most pressure, and the largest wheel applies the least amount of pressure. 


Moms, you need the Chirp Wheel...

  1. Because you always have everyone else’s back, so now we can have yours.
  2. From breastfeeding all night.
  3. If you co-sleep, especially if it was unplanned.
  4. After chasing kids.
  5. If you have a desk job.
  6. For getting an education . . . all those books you had to carry.
  7. For providing income.
  8. After teaching your kids how to change a tire.
  9. For the long hours of leaning over the kitchen table trying to learn new ways to do math.
  10. If you homeschooled your kids this last year, or ever.
  11. If you’re sore from your active job (nurse, firefighter, teacher).
  12. For the countless hours playing with toy cars and building blocks and then picking them up.
  13. For sleeping on sore pregnant hips for 9 months. 
  14. For every bunk bed you've had to make. 
  15. For every midnight throw up you've had to clean up.
  16. After driving your kids around everywhere.
  17. After putting kids into and taking them out of the car.
  18. For putting baby into crib/taking baby out.
  19. After playing with your kids and then going to play with your nieces and nephews.
  20. For a break from your break (text neck).
  21. After exercising.
  22. If your partner hogs the bed.
  23. If you are getting old...sorry.
  24. If you just went for a crazy night out without your kids.
  25. If you go camping.
  26. If you do High Fitness.
  27. If you do yoga.
  28. If you love running.
  29. If you are a born cyclist.
  30. For when you need a break.
  31. For after a nice swim.
  32. Because you deserve a massage.
  33. To help improve your balance as you age.
  34. For repeatedly tucking your kids into bed when they need another cup of water, another snack, etc.
  35. For traveling with kids, keeping them seated on the plane, comforting them during turbulence.
  36. After riding the kiddie rides at amusement parks.
  37. After staying up late at the kitchen table glueing everything on the diorama for your kid’s school project due the next day.
  38. After cramming into a public restroom stall to help your kid go potty.
  39. For being a pro at folding up the stroller for airport security and train rides.
  40. After teaching your tikes how to do their first somersault.
  41. For taking a self defense class just in case.
  42. For the long commutes to and from work.
  43. For the move you thought you were young enough to still do on the trampoline.
  44. When you played kickball for the first time because your kids told you it would be easy.
  45. When you went berry picking with your kids and ended up doing all the berry picking.
  46. After embarrassing your kid by busting a move while their friends are over.
  47. After teaching your kids to rollerblade.
  48. After teaching your kids to ride a bike.
  49. When you’re on your feet making homemade jam for all the neighbors.
  50. After watching the neighbor’s kids so she could get some sleep.
  51. After being the back half of the horse for Halloween.
  52. If you have neck pain.
  53. After changing diapers in public places. Or changing diapers period.
  54. If you have sciatica.
  55. If you have back pain . . . Duh.
  56. If you have upper back pain.
  57. If you have lower back pain.
  58. If you need a friend to pop your back (the Chirp Wheel is that friend).
  59. If your grandkids just came over (and you realized you should have stretched first).
  60. If you have trouble sleeping.
  61. For when you have a kink in your neck.
  62. For shoulder pain.
  63. If you have pain between your shoulder blades.
  64. To help loosen tight muscle fascia (muscle tension).
  65. If you have mid-back pain.
  66. If you are stressed . . . if haha.
  67. If you don’t have time to go to the chiropractor this month.
  68. To fix poor posture.
  69. For when it’s time for a new mattress, but you can’t afford it yet.
  70. After your doctor told you to use the wheel for disc issue relief (herniated or bulging discs).
  71. To make picnics easier (check out this blog post).
  72. For after you’ve just gotten everyone ready for a family picture.
  73. Because we know everyone always asks you to hold stuff: clothes, trash, Dad’s wallet. For holding a human in your stomach for 9 long months. You’ll always take it.
  74. For all the errands you run back and forth. Sometimes just to bring your kid the chapstick they left at home.
  75. For after falling asleep on the very edge of the bed when your kid had a bad dream.
  76. Because we know you’re tired just from all the words of affirmation you’re constantly handing out.
  77. For holding hair back when your kids are puking over the toilet, the old kids and the young ones.
  78. For when someone asks you for more water right when you are about to sit down to eat.
  79. For every haircut you’ve ever given, while hunched over.
  80. For keeping track of all your kids toys, socks, and shoes. Even when you think all is lost, somehow you find it.
  81. For taking care of the family pet, after the kids promised they would do that.
  82. Because you’ll spend hours reading in weird positions to your family.
  83. Because we know you do weekly under-the-bed checks.
  84. For potty training. And cleaning up after potty training.
  85. Because you have to hold your kid’s hand at the dentist and the doctor from the guest chair in that awkward position.
  86. For holding your adult kids when they’re sad. 
  87. For all the worrying you do. You probably have a lot of built-up tension.
  88. For volunteering everywhere. We’re not sure what goes through your mind, “Oh sure, I can save the world and teach my kids how to be humans.” We don’t doubt that you can do it, but we just wonder how you’ve done it without the Chirp Wheel for so long.
  89. For all the time you spend in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, chopping, dicing, stirring, dancing.
  90. For every dish you’ve ever washed.
  91. For every item of clothing you’ve ever folded.
  92. For every time you had to scrub the toilet.
  93. For being a mom to people who aren’t your kids. There you go again, helping fix the world.
  94. For vacuuming and sweeping and mopping. Those are the worst on the back.
  95. If you love sewing or crafting. You’ve got to get that 6” wheel for some posture support as you go.
  96. For after reading a book. You know your back is always messed up after that.
  97. For gardening and pulling weeds.
  98. For teaching your kids how to drive.
  99. For cleaning out the fridge.
  100. For all the time you spend on the floor, playing or praying.