10 Winter Activities to Keep Your Muscles Warm

10 Winter Activities to Keep Your Muscles Warm

The way most people feel about the cold, snowy winter months goes one of two ways: love, nostalgia, and happiness OR hate, cynicism, and misery. Of course, we all have parts of winter we love and hate. Most love snuggling up with family and friends to drink a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire. Most love watching Tim Allen Christmas movies, making (then promptly eating) holiday food, and getting new, red pajamas. Most hate driving on icy roads in a dark, howling storm. Most hate entering crowded stores and leaving with their ears ringing from the sound of screaming children, being subject to corporate greed, and walking in sopping wet shoes that change to frozen toes. But whatever category you fall into, you’ll need to stay warm. Whether you love or hate the winter, try at least one of these 10 activities so you can enjoy these next few weeks or months (depending on where you live) of cold and snow. Here are a few activities you can try so that you can keep your muscles warm:


Sledding will definitely help keep you warm. Although it is an activity in the snow (like most activities on this list), walking up the hill to sled down it will leave you huffing and puffing for some air, which will get your blood pumping and will keep you warm. If you pick the right hill, even sledding down the hill might give you an adrenaline rush, making you warm all over again.


Winter sports are not like riding a bike (which, I know, can also be hard if you’re not doing it leisurely). They’re exciting, fun, and physically demanding at times. While you don’t have to walk up the whole mountain to ride down it (thankfully), skiing or snowboarding down the mountain will still get your blood pumping and will keep you plenty warm even while you’re outside in the cold snowy weather. 

Snow Angels

Making snow angels is like doing jumping jacks with resistance, especially if the snow is deep. This activity is also fun for any age. Just be careful when you stand up so you don’t ruin your snow angel.

Ice Skating

Ice skating takes a lot of practice and balance. After going ice skating once in my life, I’m amazed at the hockey players, professional ice skaters, and even recreational ice skaters who ice skate like they’re walking through the park. 

Building a snowman

Rolling snow into a ball can get heavy, which really helps you stay warm. And lifting the heavy snowball on top of the other snowball will keep you warm longer. Plus, making a snowman means that you usually have some snacks like carrots or candy for the eyes and mouth. Somehow eating snacks also helps keep you warm.

Ice fishing

Unless you’re an avid ice fisher, you probably don’t have a power auger to cut a fishing hole in the ice. Using other methods of creating a fishing hole will get very tiring, but you’ll likely get cold pretty quickly after sitting by the fishing hole waiting for a bite.

Snowball fight

Snowball fights are the ultimate winter activity for staying warm. Running away or at your fellow opponents is sure to keep you warm for the duration of the game. Just hope you don’t get too many snowballs to the face.


Snowshoeing might seem like a light, fun activity to do because you don’t have to trudge through deep snow. But the truth is even very active people get tired while snowshoeing because of the way snowshoes make you walk. But that’s a great thing if you want to stay warm!

Building an igloo

Doesn’t building an igloo just sound like a lot of work? Blood pumping, forming brick after brick (or just shaping the snow into a hollow mound) will help you stay warm. But when you’re done, you’ll have a cool little sanctuary to keep you safe from the cold wind.

Roll out on the Chirp Wheel

If you don’t like the idea of these outdoor winter activities, try rolling on the Chirp Wheel to keep your muscles warm. If you just got inside from the cold, there’s no better way to quickly warm up than to get your blood pumping with a quick 5-minute session on the Chirp Wheel. Check out some of these stretches to help you get warmed up quickly.