How Do I Care for My Yoga Wheel?

Plexus is so excited to Introduce our Wheel Wash Cleaner! We have had several of our customers express that they want a quick and easy way to clean their wheels. Our Wheel Wash comes in two incredible fragrances: Breathe and Wild Orange. Breathe is a fresh, relaxing, mint scent while Wild Orange is a tangy citrus scent. Wheel Wash spray is made with 100% natural ingredients. We used an all organic essential oil in the spray to guarantee the best fragrance and quality while still producing a fundamental, healthy product. yogamatcleaner
The Sprays come in two different sizes, a 4 ounce travel size and an 8 ounce studio size. We created the 4 oz bottle because we are always on the go and we know that you are too. Having a cleaner that is small enough to fit in your gym bag or purse is essential. Our 8 oz bottle is great for those who practice yoga at home or want to keep their spray at the gym or studio they workout at. The 8 oz sells for $10.49 and the 4 oz sells for $6.99. Click here to purchase one now! 
Our wheel wash not only cleans the inside and outside of Plexus Yoga Wheels. It also can clean your yoga mat, yoga blocks, and other workout and yoga equipment. Our spray leaves the surface feeling clean and smelling fresh while killing bacteria that could pose a harm to your health.
Cleaning your wheel is so simple! Here are 3 simple steps:
1. Spray your wheel on the mat section and inner circle generously. 
2.Wipe with rag or towel and use a sponge to scrub out marks on yoga wheel. 
3. Let dry before use! 
Our wash works on a variety of surfaces and will give a deep clean and leave a fresh scent. 
The Wheel Wash Sprays are made in the U.S. with all natural ingredients. They are the perfect gift to accompany a yoga wheel and can be used on so many more workout props. The antibacterial properties combined with essential oils makes for the best yoga mat and wheel cleaner on the market. 
We hope you enjoy our new product as much as we do! 
xo, Plexus