What to Eat on the 4th to Ease Your Back Pain

What to Eat on the 4th to Ease Your Back Pain

Is back pain stopping you from doing the simplest things on the 4th?

Imagine this: You’re at a barbeque for the 4th of July. You’re playing catch with your nephew. He throws you the ball, but you drop it. You have to bend over and pick it up, and SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Your life flashes before your eyes as a searing, excruciating pain flares in your back. You think, “this is the end,” and, sadly, much to your nephew’s disappointment, it is the end—the end to your game of catch. 

The rest of your 4th of July BBQ goes by in a blur of boredom. So, how can we prevent this? How can you get rid of your back pain when calamity strikes? 

I have the answer.

Food keeps you healthy, and if you’re like me,  food may even be one of the main reasons you choose to get up everyday. But did you ever think that food could ease your back pain? Abstaining from and eating the right foods can help you have a stronger, inflammation-free back. 

What to eat.

These foods contain antioxidants that help reduce inflammation. Dr. Perry (MD, chief medical director and co-founder of Laser spine Institute) says that specifically the following foods “have all been shown to reduce inflammation in cartilage in the spinal column, which helps to control back pain and stiffness.” 

This 4th, make a watermelon and berry salad, sweet potato salad, or grill up some salmon alongside your other meats. It is easy to keep your back healthy once you know what is causing you pain. Once you know, you can enjoy a pain-free holiday with your friends and family.

Look for what not to eat on the 4th in our next blog post.