What Three Wise Men Had to Say about the Chirp Wheel+

What Three Wise Men Had to Say about the Chirp Wheel+

There are wise doctors all around who know a lot more than most about the spine, the body, and healing. Because of this, here at Chirp, we are friends with a lot of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists so that we can give you the best back pain relief experience out there. We interviewed three chiropractors, or “wise men,” about the Chirp Wheel+. Here’s what they thought:

What do you like about the Chirp Wheel+?

Dr. Michael T. Fillat said, “I love the three sizes for different levels of discomfort. I especially like the small wheel for its ability to get into the upper back and cervical spine.  I own four foam rollers and have not used them since I received the Chirp Wheels. The grove for the spine is especially unique for those who have spinal pain because, unlike a traditional foam roller, the Chirp Wheels do not put pressure on the bone.”

Dr. Peter Levy said, “It takes the responsibility of taking care of the body back on the patient. It’s powerful, you already know it works.”

Dr. Eric Lane said, “Movement is essential for our spines.   We live in a ‘flexion’ biased world currently. People sitting for hours a day at work. Just look around and watch all the hunched over people around you leaning forward at their desks or on their smart device or phone.  It's essential to restore proper extension to the spine. The Chirp Wheel+ does just that.  With different sizes, it's very adaptable to the variety of ages and spines.”

Have you or your patients had any success using the wheels?

Dr. Fillat said, “I use the wheels twice a day because having adjusted patients for 25 years my upper back and neck tighten up as the week goes along. This is due to all the force that travels up through my arms from pushing on patients. My patients love using the wheels before their adjustment to loosen up to make the adjustment easier.”

Dr. Levy said, “People don’t come in as often because they’re getting better! It works. Getting results is the only thing that matters. The more effective I am as a doctor, the better it is for my patients, and the wheel helps them get better. I’d rather have people come in a few times than have them come in over and over again, because you know you’re actually helping them.”

Dr. Lane said, “We use the Chirp Wheel+ in our office daily.  Our patients use them to learn how to properly increase Range of Motion in thoracic (mid-back) and Lumbar (low-back).  The size of Chirp Wheel+ determines how much motion a particular area is exposed to.  I want to make sure they use the right size for the specific condition they have.  Many of our patients have a Chirp Wheel+ they use at home to maintain that proper motion in the spine.” 

What kind of patient would you recommend the wheel to the most? 

Dr. Fillat said, “If you have muscles and a spine the wheel is for you. So any patient can use it.  The wheel is not specifically treating any particular condition as much as it is treating the body or the cause of some conditions such as muscle tension and adhesions in the muscles.  Another side benefit is, it is somewhat of a core workout, which is also beneficial to support the spine.”

Dr. Levy said, “Getting someone to take care of themselves is enormous. Male, female, young, old, thin, fat, the wheels can help everyone.” He also mentioned that while older people can use the wheel, they should use it carefully, as with anything they do, because their bones tend to be more brittle.

Dr. Lane said, “Whenever I have a new patient or existing patient experience an acute (new or recent) injury or flare up that is disc related we use caution with any device.  Because the disc is inflamed, the musculature around the effective area will spasm to stabilize and help protect the disc from further injury. Most people will not be able to extend because of the pain and possible sciatica it will produce.  During the early stages we limit the use extension based therapies to very minimal. As the swelling and inflammation decrease, we increase mild amounts of extension range of motion using the Chirp Wheel+.  Once the patient has stabilized we have found less flare ups and pain free days and weeks with a daily regimen that includes using the Chirp Wheel+.”

We hope that reading this helped answer some questions you had about the Chirp Wheel+. We recommend that you talk with your doctor when using the Chirp Wheel+ to see how you can use it to best benefit your body. 

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