Top 3 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles with Chirp

Top 3 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles with Chirp

The Chirp Wheel is well-known for relieving back pain, but did you know it’s a really effective way to treat sore muscles? When most people think of rolling out muscles post-workout, they think of a foam roller. In fact, the foam roller was a go-to tool for me for many years. Then I found Chirp…

I made the switch from a foam roller to the Chirp Wheel and I was blown away by how much more effective it was. Using the 6” and 4” wheels, I could target muscle knots all over my body, and dig deeper than I ever could with a foam roller.

Here are the top 3 ways I use the Chirp Wheel to recover post-workout:

  1. Hamstrings/Glutes  (6” or 4” wheel)

This is the #1 technique I use before and after a workout. Tight hamstrings and glutes can lead to a world of hurt throughout your legs and back, and significantly limit your range of motion. The Chirp Wheel targets these muscles unlike anything else to keep you loose and flexible. 

  1. Calves (6” or 4” wheel)

Your calves are used a lot when working out, and knots can hide deep within these muscles. Use your 6” or 4” wheel to roll deep and loosen up those tough-to-get knots.

  1. IT band (6” or 4” wheel) 

You may not even realize your IT band is sore, but this critical muscle connection runs from your hip down to the top of your shinbone, and when it’s tight it can limit your range of movement and cause some real pain. Roll out your IT band with the 6” or 4” wheel, and your legs and back will thank you.

Try these 3 moves next time you workout, and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference. But don’t just take my word for it, read the thousands of reviews from people who use the Chirp Wheel just like I do: 

Life Changing

Love It!

Worth the Investment!

So Happy with my Chirp Wheel!