Three Tips to Become a Successful Chirp Influencer

Three Tips to Become a Successful Chirp Influencer

Tip One: Learn more about the Chirp Wheel+ and other Chirp products

Did you know that one of the top reasons someone doesn’t buy a product from Chirp is because they don’t know enough about the product and its benefits? Being able to educate your community about Chirp will help overcome that barrier, and you’ll likely see an increase in commissions. But before you can educate your community, you’ll need to learn more about Chirp yourself. To do this, you can check out the Chirp Blog for articles about our products that you can read and share with your community!

  • Pro Tip: Ask your community if they have any questions about Chirp, and help answer their questions or concerns. You can also reach out our Chirp Influencer Team at if you have any questions!

Tip Two: More Posts = More Commissions

When it comes to sharing Chirp, the more you share means the more you earn. You’ll likely receive a handful of commissions on your first post, but most Chirp Influencers really start to see the commissions roll in after a series of posts/shares with their community. The most successful Chirp Influencers are consistently sharing Chirp with their communities multiple times a month. 

  • Pro Tip: Reach out to the Chirp Influencer Team for tips and ideas of content to post!

Tip Three: Give a genuine review of your experience with the Chirp Wheel+

If there is anything people can sense, it’s when someone gives a fake or dishonest review of a product. When you share Chirp with your community, give a genuine review about your experience with the Chirp Wheel+ and other Chirp products. But really, be honest—we believe in our products and we trust that you and your community will love them. 

  • Pro Tip: Make a post of your friends and family trying the Chirp Wheel+ for the first time and giving their review! 

Bonus Tip: Make sure to join the Chirp Influencer Community Facebook group for updates on products, giveaways, and more.