Lower Back Tension Bundle

By Savanna Stone

Lower Back Tension Bundle

Lower Back Tension Bundle

We put together a bundle just for your lower back pain. The Lower Back Tension Bundle includes the Lower Back Posture Corrector, Myofascial Massage Balls, and Trigger Point Hook. These products work to relieve your lower back pain by promoting spine alignment, reversing damage done from poor posture, massaging deeply into trigger points to release endorphins and promote healing, and increasing blood flow and relaxation. 


  • Promotes spine alignment by reteaching your body proper posture
  • Massages deeply into trigger points to release endorphins
  • Promotes healing dilating blood vessels and driving out waste
  • Increases blood flow and relaxation through trigger point therapy

Details about what’s included in the bundle:

Lower Back Posture Corrector



  • Relieves tension on the spine and hips through posture correction
  • Reeducates muscles to keep good posture
  • Stabilizes your pelvis
  • Provides lumbar support

The Lower Back Posture Corrector uses posture correction to relieve back pain and increase blood flow. When used, the lower back is supported and pulled forward using leverage from the knees. In doing so, the spine is stacked upright, and pressure on the discs from slouching is released.


Myofascial Massage Balls



  • Increase blood flow to tight areas through myofascial release
  • Help to break up scar tissue from surgery
  • Relieve pain in hard-to-reach places with a deep tissue massage
  • Release tension by driving out waste from muscle fibers

The Myofascial Massage Balls use trigger point therapy and myofascial system to relax muscles along hard to reach areas of the body. By rolling the balls along your muscles, tension is released directly on the trigger point, providing you the relief you need in the places you need it. As the ball massages, it increases blood flow to the tight area and drives out waste from muscle fibers. Use the largest ball for a gentle massage, the medium ball for a medium-pressure massage, and the smallest ball for a deep tissue massage.

Trigger Point Hook



  • Uses trigger point therapy to knead out sore muscles
  • Increases blood flow to tight muscles through myofascial release
  • Relieves pain in hard-to-reach places with a deep tissue massage
  • Releases tension by driving out waste from muscle fibers

The Trigger Point Hook uses trigger point therapy to relax muscles on the upper back and other areas of the body. By using the nodes to apply pressure directly to the aching area, tension is released from the massaging effect, and blood flow increases in the spot you need it the most. Massaging trigger points will relieve pain from sore muscles, release endorphins, increase blood flow to promote healing, and push out muscle waste.

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