How to Roll with the New 4” Chirp Wheel+

How to Roll with the New 4” Chirp Wheel+

The 4” Chirp Wheel+ is the newest addition to the Chirp family. It is the smallest wheel yet to apply focused pressure on pain points wherever you need relief. There are so many new ways to use this wheel to help you feel good and do more. Try out some of these stretches on your brand new 4” Chirp Wheel+ for focused relief like you haven’t felt before.

Your Neck

Neck rest:

Use the 4” wheel as a neck rest to apply targeted pressure and tension release. This can be helpful for tension headaches or tech-neck.

Shoulder massage:

Lie on the ground and place the 4” wheel just under your neck at your shoulders. Slowly apply focused pressure by lifting your hips off the ground or roll back and forth to release tension.

Your Back

Applying focused pressure on a specific pain point:

  • Find the pain point you’d like to release.
  • Place the wheel on or near the point of tension. 
  • Lean back to apply pressure. Stay here or gently roll back and forth over the muscle knot to apply a focused pressure massage.

Rolling out your entire back:

Sit and lean back.

  • Sit on the ground with knees bent and feet firmly planted.
  • Place the Chirp Wheel+ against your back in alignment with your spine.
  • Lean back gently to translate your weight to the wheel. Relax in this position before lifting your hips.

Lift Hips.

  • Rest your hands on the ground, the wheel, or your chest for balance.
  • Lift your hips upward while relaxing your back.
  • Don’t tense up! The more you relax your back, the better it will feel.

Roll back and forth.

  • Begin to roll back and forth on the wheel by bending and straightening your legs. Use your hands for balance.
  • Roll out for 3 to 5 minutes. Length of preferred use will vary by individual. 

On the wall:

For a less-intense roll, stand by a wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Place the 4” wheel behind your lower back, and lean against the wall. Slowly bend and straighten your legs, allowing the wheel to gently massage your back.

To prevent slouching at a desk:

Place the 4” wheel behind your lower back when sitting in a chair to help with posture correction. This will help you sit up straight by reinforcing the natural curvature of your spine. 

Your Legs

Workout recovery or soreness:

Use the 4” wheel to cool down after a workout and reach deep into tight muscles. Roll out your calves, hamstrings, glutes, IT band, or piriformis muscles to prevent muscle soreness the next day. 

Pregnancy or painful periods:

Rolling out your glutes, leg muscles, and lower back can be very helpful to relieve pain that comes with pregnancy or painful periods.

Your Feet

Sore feet:

Sit in a chair or on the ground and slowly roll the length of your foot over the 4'' Chirp Wheel+. Press your foot into the wheel to apply as much pressure as is comfortable for you. This can feel great after a long day of standing, dancing, or exercising.