Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Humans can be smart and active, but most of the time we are just lazy. When we have neck or back pain, we don’t try to fix it. We sit at home and complain about it: “Ow. My neck hurts.” And then we turn on the TV and try to ignore the pain. We could go to the doctor, but that is a lot of work. If we went to the doctor, we would have to get dressed, take time out of our break from work, find a babysitter for the kids (or drag them with us), drive all the way there, wait in the room that has a ton of germs, and probably leave with painkillers, which really just mask the pain without solving it. And don’t forget that we’d also have to pay the $20 fee for a visit unless you have amazing insurance. I say that stops today! (Don’t stop seeing your doctor because they really do help if you have a real problem). There are a lot of things that you can do at home to help fix your neck pain. Here are some ideas:1

Sleep right.

You might be thinking that you try to sleep right every night but you can’t because your neck pain stops you from sleeping. Try sleeping on your side or your back. When you sleep on your stomach, your head is twisted to one side for hours. Sleeping on your side or back will protect your lower back as well. Also try getting a better pillow that supports the curve of your neck. Usually that means getting a firmer pillow that won’t mold too much when you put the weight of your head on it. That should help you sleep better.

Stretch and exercise.

I think I say to stretch and exercise in every blog post I’ve ever written. That’s because it works. If you still haven’t taken my advice, try it today. Stretching and exercising loosens tight muscles and strengthens muscles so that your muscles are prepared for anything that hits them.

Apply heat or ice or both.

Cold therapy and heat therapy can help with sore muscles. If you’re not sure which one to use, here are some ideas. The main purpose of cold therapy is to reduce inflammation or numb pain. The main purpose of heat therapy is to relax muscles and improve circulation. Both therapies have many other benefits as well. If it sounds like you could benefit from both types of therapy, try cold therapy first for a few days and then heat therapy after for a few days. This method promotes healing the fastest. Just be sure not to leave either on for too long. Do it in 15 to 20 minute intervals a few times a day.

Use Chirp’s products.

Don’t live with neck or back pain when you don’t have to. Invest in products that can relieve your pain for a lifetime. Chirp has easy-to-use products that you only have to buy once and get a lifetime of use out of. Check out our Neck Collection to help out with your neck pain. Or try using our most popular product, the Chirp Wheel+, because it can help out with neck pain too.

Get a massage and limit stress.

Neck pain can stem from many parts of your body: your neck, your shoulders, your back. Getting a massage can help loosen up your muscles and provide relief from tension. When you get a massage, the fluids in your body move around, preventing scar tissue, relieving knots (or trigger points), and reducing stress. Stress also causes you physical pain, not just mental pain. If you can’t afford to go to a masseuse very often, that’s where Chirp’s products can help again. Give yourself a massage every day for free with Chirp’s Dual Pressure Neck Massager, Deep Tissue Roller, or Chirp Wheel+.

Make sure your workplace is neck friendly.2

If you sit at a computer desk all day, this solution might be the best thing you can do for your neck or back pain. Create an ergonomic workplace. Adjust your chair so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are a little lower than your hips. Sit up straight; good posture will help prevent neck and back pain. Move your computer up or down so that it is at eye level. Try using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Those are the ones that split the letters apart so that your wrists don’t get sore. You might not like the idea of them, but you might like the results. And last but certainly not least, get up and move every hour. Part of the reason you’re stiff and sore is because you sit in the same place and your muscles become tense from lack of movement. Whether your job requires you to drive, sit, or stand all day, try to take a break. Staying in one position for too long causes your muscles to stiffen. Find excuses to get up and move. Keeping your muscles mobile will keep them loosey goosey and happy gappy.

Limit smartphone use.

When you use your phone, you look down. This puts extra strain on your neck and causes you neck pain. So if you’re at work or in class or in a meeting and you have the urge to escape the boredom, don’t. Or just let everyone know the meeting is boring and hold your phone up high, closer to your face. This will help relieve neck pain. It’s all part of maintaining good posture to keep the pain away.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Providing your muscles the nutrients they need will keep them happy and will keep you less tired. Eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated might just be what you’ve been missing from your life. Diet can have a large impact on every aspect of your life. Try eating your actual real daily servings of fruits and veggies for a week. You’ll see a change in your neck pain.

Don’t smoke.

Smoking not only slows circulation it also provokes degenerative disc disease in your spine. Try to stop smoking if you have neck or back pain. You can do it! Quitting will provide you more benefits to your life than smoking provides you currently.

Ask your doctor about a neck brace.

If none of this works, go see a doctor, especially if you recently experienced a trauma like a car accident. You might suffer from whiplash or another injury that only your doctor can fix. He might provide you with a neck brace to help your neck heal. He went to school for a long time to treat your pain. Take the time out of your home time and let him help you.


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