Four Tips to Prevent Spreading COVID-19 Using Your Chirp Wheel+

By Mary Wall

Four Tips to Prevent Spreading COVID-19 Using Your Chirp Wheel+

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it’s important to stay safe and take precautions to stop spreading the virus. Here are four tips for how to “roll” with the new changes and prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus using your Chirp Wheel+.

1. Stay six 12’’ Wheels away from people. 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says the COVID-19 virus can be spread between people who are less than 6 feet apart. To mitigate the possibility of transmitting the virus, it’s best to stand roughly six 12’’ Chirp Wheels, or twelve 6’’ wheels away from someone to make sure you are safe.

Chirp Wheel+ COVID-19 Safety Tips

2. Don’t go to the gym--work out with your Chirp Wheel+ at home!

The COVID-19 virus can easily spread at the gym due to the virus living on some surfaces like work out equipment for several hours to days. Instead of going to the gym, workout from home. The Chirp Wheel+ doubles as a great tool for working out and back pain relief. Check out this video featuring some exercises you can do with the Chirp Wheel+ at home. 

Chirp Wheel+ COVID-19 Safety Tips
3. Bump Chirp Wheels instead of shaking hands.

Physical contact is another way COVID-19 can easily spread. Instead of shaking hands with your friend, neighbor, or coworker, bump Chirp Wheels instead! (Make sure to sanitize your Chirp Wheel afterwards)

Chirp Wheel+ Covid-19 Safety Tips
4. Feeling lonely at home? Chat with your Chirp Wheel instead of going out!

It’s easy to feel lonely when you are working remotely or social distancing, so pull up a chair for your Chirp Wheel+ and have a conversation. Your wheel might not say much, but he’s really great at cracking jokes...well, actually just cracking your back. :)

    Chirp Wheel+ COVID-19 Safety Tips