Everything You Need to Know about the 4” Chirp Wheel

Everything You Need to Know about the 4” Chirp Wheel

It’s finally here! A brand new member of the Chirp family, a wheel that will provide you with focused pressure wherever you need it: your back, neck, or legs. And it’s the smallest wheel yet! You may be wondering, “why do I need a smaller wheel?” or “can this wheel still hold up to 500 pounds?” Well, the wait is over. Here are the answers to all your questions.

What is the 4 '' Chirp Wheel+?

Key Benefits:

  • Applies a focused pressure massage on the muscles in your neck
  • Focuses on deep muscle knots in your back
  • Relieves neck pain through traction and massage
  • Reduces tension headaches
  • Hits key pressure points in your neck and shoulders
  • Reverses tech-neck
  • Targets individual vertebrae, muscle knot, or pinched nerve to really work one area
  • Relieves pain in achy feet
  • Easy to travel with 

Key Features:

  • 4” in diameter for your neck and deep muscle knots
  • 5” in width to fit perfectly between shoulder blades
  • Spinal Canal for neck and back comfort
  • Thicker core to prevent cracking
  • Holds up to 500lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Compression sensitive padding

The 4” Chirp Wheel can focus on neck pain through traction and massage. It helps reduce tension headaches, target key pressure points in your neck and shoulders, and reverse tech-neck. You can also use it for back pain relief to target muscle knots in your back. And it’s small enough and strong enough to use anywhere you need focused relief, such as your hamstrings, calves, glutes, or even your feet. 

How is the 4” wheel different from the 6” wheel?

The 4” wheel is two inches smaller than the 6” wheel which means it can reach even deeper into your muscles to massage out those muscle knots you’ve been waiting to get rid of for so long. This wheel applies a focused pressure massage to target trigger points throughout your body. The 4” wheel is also great for neck pain relief to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders from working all day long. 

Can the 4” wheel hold up to 500 pounds?

Yes. While you may be concerned about this wheel cracking or breaking, you don’t have to worry. We thickened the 4” (and the 6”) core of the wheel to make it stronger under pressure so that you can reach even deeper for more focused pressure. 

How should I use the 4” wheel?

Neck: Lie down and place the 4” Chirp Wheel+ under your neck. You may relax and let your neck traction over the wheel. You may also gently roll from the base of your head to your traps.


1. Sit and lean back.
  • Sit on the ground with knees bent and feet firmly planted. 
  • Place the Chirp Wheel+ against your back in alignment with your spine. Take some time to center yourself and find balance even on the ground.
  • Lean back gently to transfer your weight to the wheel. Relax and find balance in this position before lifting your hips.
2. Lift hips.
  • Rest your hands on the ground, the wheel, or your chest for balance. Do whichever feels the most comfortable for you.
  • Lift your hips upward while relaxing your back. Find balance with your hips lifted before rolling on the wheel. 
  • Don’t tense up! The more you relax your back, the better it will feel.
3. Roll back and forth.
  • Begin to roll back and forth on the wheel by bending and straightening your legs. Use your hands for balance. If one spot on your back needs an extra massage, stop rolling to put pressure on that spot. Or switch to a smaller wheel.
  • Roll out for 3 to 5 minutes. Length of preferred use will vary by individual.
  • Relax your head back to avoid neck pain.

Individual vertebrae, muscle knot, or pinched nerve: Either on the ground or the wall, find the specific area you are wanting to traction or massage, position the wheel on that area and either steadily apply more pressure to that area and stay still, or slowly rolling back and forth over that area, providing a deep massage.