How Can Yoga Help Back Pain?

Can we all agree that back pain is the absolute worst? Whether it’s from a bad night’s rest, athletic injury, or just a buildup of everyday stress you just want to get rid of the pain. Plexus wants to help make you happier and your back healthier! We have three life changing suggestions to help your spine.

  1. It’s how you sleep!

Before you have tylenol and toast for breakfast, ask yourself, how did you sleep last night? Were you on your back or stomach? Odds are if you have a kink in your neck or feel like your back is twice your age, I bet you were sleeping on your stomach. Try to sleep on your back or on your side and prop your knees up with a pillow. Your back will remain in a much more neutral position all night making you a happier person in the morning.

  1. Stretch it out

Your spine is one the most important parts of your body, yet every day we put it through so much stress from carrying a heavy purse or backpack, sitting with bad posture (definitely guilty) or not stretching enough.  Your spine holds dozens of nerves, ligaments, and vertebrae to help with every movement you make. But how often are you stretching out your spine? With a yoga wheel, stretching out your back is easy and can help tremendously with back pain. If you stretch your spine before bed or as soon as you wake up you will be able to notice a reduction of pain and feel much better throughout your day or get a better night's rest.

  1. Exercise!

If you have back pain the last thing you want to do is exercise, but it could be exactly what your back needs! In order to keep the joints, discs, and ligaments in your back  healthy, then movement is necessary. Plus, exercise is proven to make you a happier person so it’s a win, win!

A note to our readers: Severe back pain should always be talked about with your doctor and a medical plan should be made based on personal needs.