Does Plexus Have Wholesale?

Are you interested in getting a large quantity of wheels? Plexus wants to help get your studios, boutiques, physical therapy offices, and workshops the best quality product for the best deal. We want to get our product to small business owners, teachers, doctors, dancers, etc. We know our fitness wheel can make a huge impact in your back, hips, and shoulders. So contact us and let's get a shipment of wheels to you! Yoga Wheels


Are you wanting a set of wheels for your yoga studio? We have launched a certification program for teachers that are wanting to get yoga wheel certified. If you are wanting to teach a class and have a supply of wheels or sell them to your members, than this option is the best possible way to set your studio apart from others. 


Become the one-stop-shop! We have several boutiques that sell our wheels along with other yoga and exercise equipment. The bright and fun Plexus colors will look great in your boutique and draw in costumers because our product is new and not very many people have a wheel of their own. By purchasing our wheel at wholesale your customers will also be providing water to those in need! For more information check out our Water Aid tab on our website! 


Want a switch-up to the workshop calendar? Our wholesale program would be the perfect opportunity for a new edition to the schedule! Your clients will love a new way to exercise, stretch, and balance! 

Physical Therapy Offices

Foam rollers and back stretching tools are commonly sold at physical therapy offices. We know that some clients are needing something more firm and durable for your back pain needs. Introducing the Plexus Wheel to your Office will benefit your clients and help them become more flexible and mange their chronic pain naturally. 


yoga wheel workshop

*You do not have to be Plexus Yoga Wheel Certified to receive regular Wholesale Pricing.

Get in touch with our wholesale team by emailing:

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We want to help make your studio, workshops, and boutiques more unique! For more information contact the Plexus Wholesale Team or visit our wholesale tab on our website!