Can the Chirp Wheel+ Help with Sciatica Pain Relief? See What Our Customers Had to Say

By Savanna Stone

People always ask us if they can use the wheel for sciatica pain relief. While Chirp cannot promise to cure sciatica, the Chirp Wheel+ does promote improvements with sciatica by relieving pressure and tension. Many customers have found sciatica pain relief by using the Chirp Wheel+ (previously known as the Plexus Wheel+). Always ask your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

Here’s how the Chirp Wheel+ has helped our customers (in their own words):

The Chirp Wheel+ works to relieve sciatica pain!

It works if you use it consistently. You can’t use it once and think the job is done.



Better and cheaper than the doctor and the chiropractor!

The Chirp Wheel+ works better than other back rollers.



The Chirp Wheel+ works to get rid of back pain from pregnancy.

Even the skeptical customers came to believe.

The wheels make a great gift for those with sciatica and back pain.

Helps relieve chronic back pain.

The wheels help with pain from everyday chores and work.