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4 Simple Steps For Better Posture At Work

By Hannah Stock

Did you know that 54% of Americans with lower back pain spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk? AND back pain is one of the leading causes for missed work? According to the American Chiropractic Association, most cases of back pain are “mechanical or non-organic—meaning they are not caused by serious conditions.” This means that your pain is probably due to bad posture. The only solution is...better posture.  

Look at yourself right now! Are you huddled over your technology like the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Let us help you with four simple steps to better posture at work.

1. Adjust your computer screen.

Let’s take a look at the picture above and point out the obvious. Miss Mary is hunched over her computer because it’s unmistakably a foot below eye level. Here’s the simple tip that will make all the difference. Raise your computer screen to eye level for better posture! Voilá!  You can do this either by placing it on books, boxes, or even by purchasing a taller desk. Your lower back will immediately feel the difference and your neck will thank you.

2. Use lower back support.

There are many various types of office chairs out there. There are those that are cushy-padded like your grandpa’s armchair, or the minimalistic type that have zero cushion at all. Let’s face it. Most office chairs aren’t specifically designed to support the back in it’s natural curvature, which brings us to tip number two. Support your lower back with a Plexus Micro Wheel for better posture! Five inches wide, it applies the perfect amount of pressure along the spine. Six inches in diameter, it fits in the small part of your lower back making it impossible to slouch.

“I decided to try the plexus micro wheel at the office because I was coming home with aches and pains in my lower back. I love it! It definitely makes a difference. A bunch of my co-workers tried it and now five of them own the wheel. Thank You Plexus!” - Sky J  

Plexus Micro Wheel gives support for better posture at work. It's great for exercises for better posture too.

3. Get the blood flowing with exercises for better posture.

You ate too much for lunch and have been working on the same project all day. Your eyes begin to slightly twitch as you stare at your screen. Yup, you’re hitting the “3pm slump.” Rather than drag your feet to the office break room for a boost of sugar or diet coke, here's tip number three. Get up off your chair and do some exercises! Click here for a 15 minute, office approved, exercise routine to help improve your posture.

4. Correct your posture with the Plexus Wheel. 

We’ve said it before (check our previous blog post) and we’ll say it again. Your spine is like a wire spring. If one of the wires gets kinked in the wrong direction then it can’t function properly. Your spine is shaped in a natural S-Curve, but when you slouch you are metaphorically putting a kink in your spring. So how do you correct it? Here’s tip number four. Use the Plexus Standard Wheel to roll out the kink. Don’t trust that it can really do this? Here’s what Dr. Mike Vanchiere has to say about getting better posture with the Plexus Wheel:

“The Plexus Wheel is effective because it tractions the spine and takes pressure off the discs. It keeps, maintains, and helps correct the natural curvature of the spine. I highly recommend the Plexus Wheel to all my clients.” - Dr. Mike Vanchiere, Spinal Rehab Chiropractor


Plexus Standard Wheel is amazing to better posture at work. Use the Plexus Wheel for exercises to better posture.

With these four simple steps you will have better posture in no time. Better posture means a better back, which means a happier you! If you have any questions/suggestions on how to improve posture with a Plexus Wheel, don't hesitate to comment below!