A Search to Replace “Chiropractors Near Me”

A Search to Replace “Chiropractors Near Me”

Don’t get us wrong, chiropractors can be very helpful for back pain relief. But there are other cheaper alternatives that even chiropractors themselves recommend, aka the Chirp Wheels. Which means that finding the right chiropractor for your back might be even easier than you thought it would be.

Don’t believe us? Check out what doctors and chiropractors had to say about the wheels. 

And here are some Chiro patients that are more than happy they got a Chirp Wheel:

Just in case you were wondering how a Chirp Wheel works, here are 7 reasons why you might visit a Chiropractor, but can use a Chirp Wheel instead for the same results.

  1. Back and neck pain relief. Over 1 million people have found back pain relief with the Chirp Wheel+. The wheels are 5 inches wide to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, reaching deep muscle knots and relieving tension and pain. Pick your pressure with the choice of 4 different sizes from gentle back pain relief to a deep tissue massage and a new tiny yet mighty wheel made just for your neck. 
  2. Headache relief. Many Chirp customers have found headache relief just by rolling out on the Chirp Wheel. Plus, with the new 4” Chirp Wheel designed specifically for neck and shoulder tension relief, you’ll have no problem getting rid of those migraines.
  3. Better sleep. Just roll out on your Chirp Wheel before bed to release tension and muscle soreness. It is also a great tool to assist with yoga poses and other exercises that aid in better sleep. (Check out our blog for some ideas).
  4. Pregnancy benefits. With pregnancy comes aches and pains. Thankfully the Chirp Wheels can be used to roll out achy legs for hip pain relief, back pain relief, or that restless leg syndrome that comes at night..
  5.  Stress relief. The Chirp Wheel can offer a back massage day or night. No need to wait to go to an expensive masseuse or for your significant other to massage you. Roll out or lean back and rest on the Chirp Wheel for some stress relief and a nice massage.
  6. Alternative to medication. Many Chirp customers have stopped taking OTC pain medications because they were able to find back pain relief with the Chirp Wheels.
  7. Improved athletic performance. The Chirp Wheel is a great tool to help you warm up or cool down after a workout so you can perform your best. Roll out before your workout to release tension and help improve your range of motion.