51 Places You Can Store Your 4” Chirp Wheel

51 Places You Can Store Your 4” Chirp Wheel

The 4 inch wheel is small, which means you can store it almost anywhere, even on the go. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not you have room to take a Chirp Wheel with you wherever you go. Because, let’s be honest, you’ll be using the wheel as often as you can. When you’re not using it, you might want to keep it in a safe place. 

Here are 51 places you could store your new wheel for easy access or away from others so they don’t steal it.

At-home storage

  1. Nested in your other Chirp Wheels
  2. Displayed on your entertainment center
  3. With your workout gear 
  4. In your nightstand
  5. Right under your neck
  6. In the garage
  7. Under your bed
  8. In the box it comes in
  9. In the Chirp Wheel case
  10. Under any size chair
  11. In a desk drawer

Storage on the go

  1. In your glove box
  2. In your suitcase
  3. In your car trunk 
  4. Under the driver's seat
  5. In hidden storage spaces of your car
  6. In the diaper bag
  7. In your backpack
  8. In your purse
  9. Right next to you in the hotel bed
  10. As a camping pillow
  11. As a flight pillow

Hidden from your kids

  1. In your dresser
  2. In your closet
  3. In the cleaning supplies
  4. In your underwear drawer
  5. Under your kid’s bed
  6. Stored with the vegetables
  7. With the dog-poop shovel
  8. With the books

If you want to let your kids have a go

  1. In the dollhouse
  2. With your kids toys 
  3. In the cookie jar
  4. In your pantry
  5. In a cubby
  6. On the living room floor 

At the office

  1. Under your desk
  2. Behind your back
  3. In your briefcase
  4. As your foot rest
  5. As a pencil holder
  6. In your desk drawer
  7. On top of your desk

To hide it from others 

  1. In any kitchen drawer
  2. In any kitchen cupboard
  3. Under your couch
  4. In your bookshelf
  5. In your laundry room
  6. Under the couch cushion
  7. In your pillow case
  8. With your toiletries