15 Ways You Can Make Santa’s Nice List

15 Ways You Can Make Santa’s Nice List

Whether you’re a Santa believer or not, being kind to people never hurts. But if you really want to make it on Santa’s nice list this year (or simply want to improve yourself), try some of these acts of kindness that no one expects anymore but will make others happy nonetheless. 

Let someone with back pain borrow your Chirp Wheel. Or buy them one for Christmas. Whether you let a friend or family member borrow your Chirp Wheel or buy them one, giving the gift of back pain relief can change someone’s life more than you might think.

Bring a meal to your neighbor. Not many people do this anymore, but when it happens it always makes you feel like someone loves you. Bringing treats or dinner to a neighbor might make a huge difference in their day.

Scratch a loved one’s back. Sitting by your mom, spouse, dog, or child? Scratch their back for a few minutes to help spread the love.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbor. If you see someone moving in on your street or in your apartment complex, introduce yourself. Chances are, they don’t know many people in the area and would love to see a friendly face now and again to help them feel at home.

Talk to a stranger. Not to go against what your mom taught you, but say “hi” to people. If you see something you like about a stranger, don’t be afraid to speak up. Saying something as simple as “cool hat” might make that person’s day or even week. And that’s worth it.

Donate your talents. If you sing beautifully, paint like Michelangelo, or cook like you’ve trained for years, find ways to share your talents. See if a local nursing home, elementary school, or community center needs you.

Hold the door open. This simple act of kindness is taken for granted. If you see someone coming to a door from the cold and they’re a little farther away than you usually care to wait, wait anyway. Helping someone get out of the cold a little faster might mean a lot to them.

Reach out to an old friend. We all have those friends that we love but have lost touch with over the years because we’re busy or moved away. Take a few minutes to reach out to them through a text, call, or social media. 

Tell your parents you love them. Call up your parents or whoever helped raise you and give them a call just to tell them you love them.

Send a letter. Send your grandparents, a friend, or a niece or nephew a letter in the mail. It’s exciting to get mail now-a-days that isn’t a waste of paper.

Go for a walk with your friend. Ask a friend if they’d go for a walk with you just to talk, maybe get some hot chocolate, and enjoy the outdoors. Quality time with people you love can help you both feel better.

Celebrate others’ accomplishments. Did your friend or loved one just get a promotion, find out they were pregnant, or have an anniversary? Go out of your way to celebrate with them by baking them a cake, taking them out to dinner, or throwing a party. They’ll be even more excited about their accomplishment.

Participate in your community. Those who organize community events really want people to show up. Be the person who always participates. Chances are you’ll make a ton of friends and memories.

Bring soup to a sick friend. Bringing dinner so someone who is sick will help them feel loved. You can leave it on their doorstep if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Be the first to apologize. Saying sorry first after an argument is often very hard because you either aren’t ready to yet or you still really believe that you’re right. But softening your heart a little and finding something to apologize for first will get the ball rolling and help heal relationships that much sooner.