10 Best Habits to Have (And Easily Accomplish) This Year

10 Best Habits to Have (And Easily Accomplish) This Year

Habits are hard to create. That’s why often by the end of January (and sometimes sooner) our New Year’s Resolutions are no more. But there might be some things that you really want to accomplish this year. If that’s the case, here are 10 of the best habits to have and easily accomplish in the new year.

Pro tip: When it comes to making goals, don’t make too many goals for yourself. If you do, you’ll likely not accomplish any of them. But if you pick 1 or 2 goals that are important to you, you can spend all your time focusing on them and are more likely to complete them. 

Do something for your comfort. Whether your new year’s resolution is to find a way to get rid of your back pain (which can be easily done with the Chirp Wheels) or save up for a nicer bed, focus on the end result, your comfort, and it will be that much easier to accomplish.

Be grateful. Focus on what you do have in life. This goal is one of the easiest to accomplish and one of the best for you. Whenever you’re feeling discouraged, focus on the good. Name 3 things that you are grateful for and share your good feelings with those around you.

Encourage others. When a friend or family member is complaining about something, it is very easy to say, “that sucks.” Instead, add a little addendum, “but you can do this.” That simple phrase might not seem like a lot, but can help others go a long way.

Plan your week. Sit down for 15 minutes at the beginning of your week to plan what you want to accomplish. Get out the notes section on your phone or a traditional pad and pencil and write down everything you’d like to do day by day. Refer to your list each morning. Set reminders in your phone if you have to.

Clean up after a task. Don’t wait until the mess piles up. Doing small things after you complete a task will help you keep a clean house, and let’s be honest, a relaxed mind. After you’ve finished dinner, load the dishwasher. When you change your clothes for bed, place the dirty ones directly in the hamper. If you missed the trashcan in the bathroom, pick up the piece of tissue right away and place it in.

Meal plan. If losing weight or saving money is on your list of to-dos this year, meal planning just became your best friend. This doesn’t mean you have to cook every meal at home, but you should plan when you do and when you don’t. Make this part of your weekly planning. Tip: doing it with someone is always more fun.

Tack on exercise to a sedentary task. If you’re just watching TV, playing video games, or reading a book (any sedentary task you do often), do some leg lifts while you’re sitting or some butt clenches. Get moving. Even consistent simple movement at a time when you usually didn’t move can help you be healthier.

Go outside. Whenever you can, spend some time outside. Go for a quick walk. Take a trip to the park. Or fix up your yard. Spending more time outdoors can help you feel refreshed and happier.

Spend time for yourself daily. Whether you want to be more spiritual or just have some alone time. Spending time for yourself will help you feel less stressed and allow you to be present when others need you.

Learn something new. Read. Take up a new hobby like fly fishing. Start learning the language you’ve always wanted to. There are so many free resources on the internet that can help you accomplish your goals. 

A few quick tips for building habits:

Consistency is key. If you’ve made a goal for the new year, don’t go to bed until you’ve done something to work towards that goal. Doing something every single day for your goal will take you far.

Be accountable. Whether you want to accomplish your goal with a friend or have someone you trust to keep you accountable, report to someone on how you’re doing with your goal once a week. Ask them to help encourage you. And encourage each other. 

Pick the right goal. Pick a goal that you feel passionate about. There’s no reason to accomplish something you don’t love. If it is a goal based on your health or a need (losing weight or saving money, not something everyone finds fun or that is associated with love), focus on the why. Do it because you love yourself.


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