The Ultimate Chirp Bundle

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If we had to recommend one bundle, it's this one. Trust us, your back and neck will thank you! This bundle comes with 4 Chirp Wheels that deliver different levels of massaging relief (Stretch, Firm, Deep Tissue, & Focus), a full-zip storage/travel case, a Chirp Upper Back Posture Corrector to help improve your posture and reduce upper back pain, and the NEW Chirp Stretch Mat to take your stretch to the next level. 

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The Ultimate Chirp Bundle
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Chirp Wheel+ 4-Pack

Say goodbye to back and neck pain with the Chirp Wheel+ 4-Pack. The 12” Gentle delivers a wonderful stretch and light massage, the 10” Firm adds a little more pressure to help you massage those problem areas along the spine, the 6” Deep Tissue digs in deep to get rid of your toughest knots, and the 4” Focus targets key pressure points in your neck to reduce tension headaches and relieve neck pain. 


The Chirp Stretch Mat is a multi-functional yoga mat designed for you to stretch, roll, and realign. Made with 100% natural rubber and non-slip polyurethane, we’ve provided you with a designated and portable happy place to roll out and stretch.


Uses posture correction to relieve back pain and increase blood flow. It’s worn just like a backpack, without a pack. When used, the shoulders are pulled backwards, and the chest muscles are stretched to counteract slouching.

Chirp Wheel Case

Built strong and ready to take your Chirp Wheels anywhere! Easily store, protect, and travel with your Chirp Wheels so you can get the back pain relief you deserve anytime, anywhere.