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3 Wheel Pack - Plexus Wheel Sport - Holiday Sale

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The Plexus Wheel Sport is one of the world's top selling back pain and muscle recovery solutions. What does that really mean? We have sold over 300,000 Plexus Wheels and with thousands of verified reviews, we have let our customers tell the world that it actually works. The PW Sport is built with a smooth surface, so you can use it on your back, as well as other sore areas of your body, like your legs.

Because it has less padding and does not feature a spinal canal, like the Plexus Wheel+, we have found that people living an active lifestyle prefer this wheel. With 1/4" of Compression Sensitive Padding ™, your muscles have just enough comfort to get a good stretch. Don't get us wrong, the PW Sport is going to dig deep, just like you want when you've got a 6 am Crossfit class in the morning. The 3 different sizes allow you to pick the pressure, from Gentle to Deep Tissue. 


Build: Handcrafted core, made in the USA, 1/4" Compression Sensitive Padding™

Color: Black, Grey, Purple

Material Content: PVC Plastic Core, PVC Foam

Basic Care: Spot clean with warm, soapy water.


6" Deep Tissue Pressure: Product Dimensions: 5" x 6" diameter | Weight: 1 lb.

10" Medium Pressure: Product Dimensions: 5" x 10" diameter | Weight: 3 lbs.

12" Gentle Pressure: Product Dimensions: 5" x 12" diameter | Weight: 4 lbs

3 Wheel Pack: Product Dimensions: 5" x 12" diameter | Weight: 8 lbs


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