Chirp Base ™

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The Chirp Base has been designed to help you get the most out of your roll session. With an added wheel track and built-in hand grips, you can grab hold of the platform to dig deeper than ever before.

  • Added stability and balance support for your Chirp Wheel session
  • Elevated platform with hand grips allows added pressure for a deeper massage and stretch
  • Keeps your back aligned with your Chirp Wheel’s spinal canal
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Balance. Roll. Repeat.

The Chirp Base has been designed to give you added stability so you can stay aligned with your wheel as you get more out of your roll out session. Just grab hold of the base to dig deeper than ever before.

Balance with Base

Let’s face it. Some of us just weren’t born with the balancing gene. But that’s okay! With the Chirp Base, you can still get the most out of your wheels with added stability and balance support.

Let the Base drop! to help you Feel Good and Do More.

Put the Chirp Base on a level surface and align your wheel with the Base’s wheel channel to keep you steady and aligned throughout your rollout session. 

There’s nothing else like it. 

The Chirp Base lets you customize your roll out session to improve results. It brings the ground closer to you and the stability track helps you improve balance while you’re on the wheel. Grab onto the platform to increase pressure right where you need it.