Upper Back Collection

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The Upper Back Collection.

Upper back pain? Welcome to heaven.

Save 15% when you bundle.

Focus at work, or the gym.

The combination of posture correction, trigger point and hot/cold therapy increases blood flow. More blood flow = more focus.

Train your muscles.

Bad posture comes from bad habits.

Feel the healing.

Reduce swelling and promote blood flow through hot & cold therapy. New blood washes away waste, and speeds recovery.

Relief like you’ve never experienced.

The Upper Back Collection focuses on more than just your current situation. It will help you set good habits and have a pain free life going forward.

What's Included?

Trigger Point Hook

Curved shape and multiple massage nodes make it easy to release hard-to-reach deep tissue trigger points.

Upper Back Posture Corrector

Stretch tight chest muscles, and train back muscles to retain proper posture.

Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Adjustable strap allows you to numb pain and increase blood flow. Say goodbye to the leaky ice pack and towel combo.