The Plexus Wheel is the key to relieving tension and stress in your back, neck, and shoulders, while giving you a personal massage and improving posture. The 6" wheel is slightly different than the 12" wheel. It is also designed to fit between your shoulder blades, but has a smaller surface area, which allows you to target and massage those hard-to-get muscle in your legs and along your back. It is also designed to open your back and helps correct poor posture, like the 12" wheel.

The Plexus Micro Wheel is similar to a foam roller, just much more portable and durable. The 6" diameter allows you to concentrate the pressure for myofascial release in very specific muscle groups. The width of the wheel is still 5", like the Standard Wheel, so you can use the Micro Wheel to work out knots in your legs as well as your back.

The Plexus Wheel is for Anyone Who...

  • Sits for more than 4 hours a day
  • Exercises regularly
  • Has kids
  • Wakes up sore in the morning 
  • Breastfeeds or is pregnant
  • Experiences occasional or frequent back pain

Basically anyone with a back or who loves back massages... Everybody!

Aching Back From Bad Posture?

Use the Plexus Micro Wheel to correct your bad posture. Simply put the wheel between your back and a chair and let the wheel do the work. It will help you sit taller, while applying pressure to spots on your back that might already be sore. 

With every Plexus Wheel you will receive a detailed How To Guide that walks you through the most effective ways of using the wheel. You will also get a pose guide with 18 other workouts and stretches for you to try. You will also get online access to an ever-growing video library of fun and challenging exercises with the wheel. Upon your request, we can also send you a yoga pose guide with over 30 other poses.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident you will love your Plexus Wheel that if you are not 100% satisfied, simply send it back and we will issue a full refund. No questions asked.