The Chirp Wheel is the only wheel on the market that is FDA-REGISTERED as a 510(k) Medical Device

World's Simplest Back Pain Relief

Relieves tension along the spine, and between the shoulder blades

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The Lower Back Collection.

Multi-level relief you’ll wish you had yesterday.

Save 15% when you bundle.

Back Pain Puzzle.

Your back hurts. But sometimes your back isn't the problem. This is called “referred pain.” The products included in the Lower Back Collection were chosen to address and destroy lower back pain where it starts, not just where you feel it.

Release the tension.

Some of the largest muscles cause the largest pains, specifically in your lower back. Release their tension, relieve your pain.

Feel the healing.

Reduce swelling and promote blood flow through hot & cold therapy. Fresh blood washes away waste, and speeds recovery.

Sleep like a baby.

Take lower back pain out of your life. Completely. At work, at play or in bed.

What's Included?

Uses legs as natural leverage to support lumbar spine.

These three amigos offer deep penetrating tension release on hard to reach muscles.

Peanut Ball XL

Get the deepest massage possible along your spine. The adjustable width allows you to hit and release trigger points.

Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Adjustable strap allows you to secure in place to numb pain and increase blood flow. Say goodbye to the leaky ice pack and towel combo.

Myofascial Massage Balls (3 pack)

These three amigos come in different sizes for different pressure levels. Great for releasing large muscles such as the glutes that contribute to back pain.