The Chirp Wheel is the only wheel on the market that is FDA-Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device.

Chirp Wheel

World's Simplest Back Pain Relief

Relieves tension along the spine, and between the shoulder blades

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The Foot Collection.

It’ll make you want to grab your dancing shoes.

Save 15% when you bundle.

“My dang feet hurt” - You

Well, they hold up your body all day. To give you the right tools, we focused on myofascial massage and hot & cold therapy to stretch and strengthen where you need it.

Trigger point release.

Massage out the tension causing your pain in the first place.

Cool down.

Cold therapy reduces swelling and quickens recovery. Getting you back on your feet, faster.

Be active without pain.

Our products were all chosen to address and correct vital issues regarding foot pain. No gimmicks. No kidding.

What's included?

Deep Tissue Spikey Massage Ball

Stretches Plantar Facia ligament and stimulates blood flow to relieve pain.

Cold Therapy Socks

Two pockets for cooling gel inserts gently hug the foot to reduce general swelling and numb pain while relaxing.

Hot & Cold Massage Ball

Targets specific problem areas to numb the pain and swelling. When heated, increases blood flow to promote healing.