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Chirp Wheel Pro ™

Chirp Wheel Pro ™

Early Access Price: $149.99

The Chirp Wheel Pro is a vibrating massage wheel that offers a deep massage + vibration therapy treatment to alleviate back pain and tension, improve range of motion, help you warm up better and recover faster.

  • 3 different vibration options to deeply massage trigger points and reduce back pain
  • Tractions the spine, increases blood flow, and accelerates recovery
  • 8" diameter and 5” width that fits between the shoulder blades
  • Spinal canal allows you to comfortably massage those hard to reach knots along the spine
  • 2 hour battery life for sustained use

Estimated Ship Date:
Black - NOW / Mint - April 6

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Chirp Cloud ™

Chirp Cloud ™

Launch Price: $59.99
Early Access Price: $49.99

The Chirp Cloud stretches and tractions the spine gently with extra stability and less pressure on your back. The Chirp Clouds are perfect for those that have a tender back from surgery, injuries, accidents, or old age. Roll out on the clouds to work and strengthen the muscles in your back for improved posture and back pain relief.

  • Ergonomically shaped for support & balance
  • Uni-directional rolling
  • Latex free & Anti-burst rubber
  • Non-slip grip seams
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Estimated Ship Date: March 01
Chirp Base ™

Chirp Base ™

Launch Price: $109.99
Early Access Price: $99.99

The Chirp Base has been designed to help you get the most out of your roll session. With an added wheel track and built-in hand grips, you can grab hold of the platform to dig deeper than ever before.

  • Added stability and balance support for your Chirp Wheel session
  • Elevated platform with hand grips allows added pressure for a deeper massage and stretch
  • Keeps your back aligned with your Chirp Wheel’s spinal canal
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Estimated Ship Date: April 30
Chirp Stretch Mat

Chirp Stretch Mat

Launch Price: $79.99
Early Access Price: $69.99

The Chirp Stretch Mat is a multi-functional yoga mat designed for you to stretch, roll, and realign. With 100% natural rubber and non-slip PU (polyurethane), we’ve provided you with a designated and portable happy place to stretch. And our stretch mat comes with a QR code that gives you access to Chirp’s new stretch library.

  • Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber: Made of 100% natural rubber, which is non-toxic and recyclable PU stretch mat
  • Double sided, anti-slip: Wavy bottom layer grips the floor firmly and prevents injuries. Top layer is also non-slip with subtle texture to prevent hands and feet from slipping, helping you hold poses 
  • Mat is longer and thicker than most yoga mats (72” long x 26.8” wide x 4.5mm thick)
  • Anti-tear and sweat proof: the TPE material absorbs all moisture, reducing the risk of injury and keeping you comfortable
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Estimated Ship Date: March 01

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