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What Size of Wheel Is Right For Me?

By Aaron Novak

So, you have finally made the decision to purchase a Yoga Wheel! But how do you know what size to get? Let's start off by saying that there is no wrong option! There are countless poses, stretches and benefits from each wheel. Take a look at each wheel and see which one would work the best for you! 


The Large Wheel- $77.91-- WE NO LONGER SELL THIS WHEEL

-15 inches in diamater.

-Recommended for "very flexible" users or those who are 6 feet or taller.

-8 pounds, very sturdy and durable.

-This wheel can be used in our yoga certification.

The Standard Wheel- $59.99

-Our most common wheel sold.

-12 inches in diamater.

-Recommended for those between 5'10"-5'4". 

-This wheel is very versatile and can be an aid to your routine or challenge your flexibility and strength. 

-This wheel can be used in our yoga certification.


The Medium Wheel- $39.95

-10 inches in diamater.

-Recommended for those 5'3" or shorter.

-This wheel is slightly smaller than the standard and is recommended for those who are not very flexible or are shorter. 

-This wheel can be use in our yoga certification.


The Micro Wheel- $19.95

-6 inches in diamater.

-This wheel cannot be uses for our yoga certification but is a great add on wheel to compliment our other sizes.

-This is a great wheel for your little ones. The micro helps with balance and flexibility.

-Can be used as a replacement for a foam roller to roll our sore muscles and is much more durable! 

-Fits great in a gym bag, and is very portable.

If you want to see what poses, stretches, and activities others have done with the Plexus wheel take a look at our Instagram page!  Whether you are a gym junkie, a mama that can only make it to the gym one a week, a die hard yogi, or just want a fun workout prop, our wheels are there to meet all of your needs. You can make the wheel as easy or hard as you want too. They also are the perfect gift! 

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