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San Francisco Plexus Travels

By Gabby Meek

This weekend I went to San Francisco for a quick trip to the bay! We wrote down a few must see's and our top 3 restaurants! I also took the Plexus micro wheel down to the beach and had some fun watching my cousins try out some yoga poses and stretches with it. (Although at one point my two year old cousin thought it was a hat.. seriously the cutest thing)!

We are so excited to see our wheels being used all over the world! If you are traveling with your wheel we would love to see your pictures and feature them on a blog or instagram post! Email your pictures to:

Go and See

Golden Gate Bridge

Duh! You have to go here! It's iconic! Before you go make sure you grab a jacket with a hood! It is windy up there and I promise your hair will be crazy. The bridge is 2 miles across so you can either take your time and walk with your honey or rent bikes and leave them at the other side of the bridge and walk around there! There is no wrong way to do it. Another awesome option is taking the ferry across the water and going directly under it! Plus you will get a good view of Alactraz Island! 

Pier 39

Shops, restaurants, and sea lions! What more could you want? There are a number of classic fish and seafood locations on Pier 39 and countless candy shops. If you are looking for any San Francisco t-shirts or hats this is the place to be! One of my favorite things about this pier is the amount of sea lions that come to visit! Great stop for kids! 

Lombard Street 

The "crookedest street in the world". Watching cars go down this street had me praying that no one's breaks would go out. The views are beautiful from the top of Lombard street and walking down was just as pretty! Blue and purple Hydrangeas line the street and side walks and smell like heaven. This was an amazing street and a classic spot in the city! 


Good Eats in San Francisco

Cowgirl Creamery:

The best cheese you will ever taste in your entire life. Seriously. So good. The Cowgirl Creamery is known for all things dairy. They are located in the Ferry Building and have a gourmet shop set up there. The Ferry Building is full of other food shops and local goods and has one of the best farmer's markets in the world. My favorite item on the menu: The Cheese Toastie. Two pieces of bread, a whole lot of cheese, a maple-mustard relish, with a piece of bacon on the top. Seriously, it's too good. 


Bi Rite Ice Cream: 

Ok. I waited over an hour in this line and I am telling you now, it was worth it! Bi Rite has Incredible Ice Cream people! It is a small shop and almost always has a line but that is because it is so dang good! I tried four flavors and drooled over every single one. My favorite flavors on the menu: ricanelas (cinnamon cookie) , cheesecake with blueberry swirl, tcho chocolate, and the creme brûlée ice cream! They have two locations in San Francisco and the friendliest staff! 


Super Duper Burgers: 

Burgers and Fries are my go to Friday night dinner. Super Duper does it right! I tried the "Super Duper Mini" (one patty instead of two) and asked if they could grill the onions. I could not eat that Burger fast enough. It was unreal. ah. yum. 


We will be posting more travel posts this summer! We are all about finding new places and experiences.