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I love my Plexus Wheel
"I really love my Plexus wheel. I have issues with my shoulder therefore I find that while using the largest wheel for my lower back, I need to hold on to a piece of furniture as I am unable to support myself on the floor. (then I have to figure out how to get up off the floor LOL) All in all it is a great help and I recommend it for all who suffer from lower back pain. Be patient, if you are old like me, there is a bit of a learning curve!"
Faye M.
Works great to reduce my upper back pain
"I've had chronic muscular upper back pain between the shoulder blades for several years. Foam rolling helped but because of the width of the my foam roller and the shape of my back it wasn't able to put enough pressure on the correct areas. The 6" Wheel was exactly what I needed when I set out to find if something like it existed on the internet. After several weeks of using it for 2-3 times a day for 5-6 minutes each the size of the scar tissue between my shoulder blades has significantly decreased and my chronic pain has gone down considerably. I don't know if this product can help everyone, but for anyone suffering from the same specific pain (muscular upper back pain between the shoulder blades) I cannot recommend it highly enough."
Jason B.
Quality Product Does the Job
"Needed something to help with back stain and this really helped. My wife looked at me strange when I first got it and then tried right after and she liked it too. Only wish there was price break on two wheels not just three I would have gotten the small one as well."
Ricardo C.
Wow - no more Chiropractor - Back feel AWESOME!
"I moved to a rural area and was really missing my Chiropractor and these have SOLVED the issue. I know how I feel after getting an adjustment so I know what I should feel like and these wheels are PERFECT!!!!! I feel even better than the visits to the Chiropractor!"
Elise H.
"Love them! My auntie ordered some too. "
Jojo L.
A great addition to my back/spine care routine
"These innovative and simple tools can serve a unique role in a plan of care for my achin’ back. Having undergone fusions of C3-7, S1-L3, (thanks genetics!), I’ve by necessity become a spine health regimen lay expert! The (non-pharma/non-surgical or electrical) key to spine health and happiness lies in STRETCHING and STRENGHTENING muscles and tissues surrounding the spine, minimizing impingements to the Facet (nerve-exiting) joints to avoid/relieve neuropathic pain. My Plexus/Chirp wheelset is an easy to use, versatile, well-engineered and high-quality addition to my daily regimen."
Michael F.
Solidly Built, Fun to Use
"I’m still getting used to which one to choose and when, because all are so different. I like them all and so does my wife. "
Joe B.
I bought a single wheel...then turned around and bought the kit!
"Great for my upper back pain. Best investment I've made in improving my pain"
simon, l.
Wonderful invention
"I have not visited my chiropractor since I received these. Every cosmetologist needs a set of them. Rolling on them releases stress but you have to be patient because it is an intense pressure. "
Kelly E.
Get all 3
"AWESOME !!! Great Invention ! "
James B.
Very helpful
"This device seems to really be helping my back! Great job."
Jeff G.
Love them
"I love the Plexus wheels so much I bought these for my daughter and her husband. They are amazing at stretching and decompressing the spine after a long day at work. I use them right before I got to bed and they help me sleep better at night. "
Sonja D.
Back pain gone away
"Great product. I have the first ones, but the new ones with the groove for your spine are so comfortable and at the same time relieve so much tension and pain! Love them both!"
Kevin F.
"They are NICE! Brought them for me and every one in the house uses them. "
Ronald S.
Best money I’ve spent in a long time.
"I work on an assembly line, seven nights a week, twelve hours a back kills me. I never had any back trouble before working here but, that’s neither here nr there. The Plexus Wheels + are a life saver! Immediate relief in just seconds. Thanks for these!"
Steven C.
I like
"Still figuring out but I like they seem too hit the right spots "
Brian H.
Quality!! Heavy duty and made well!
"Awesome product! Stay consistent using this product and you will feel better!"
Jay J.
"Nicely built seems durable. Just ata er Ted using them but it seems to be helping"
Scott L.
Delivers on promise!
"This wheel is really effective. It is as promised. I started to feel the benefits of using it right away. I’m very happy with it. "
Tom H.
3 Wheel Combo
"I’ve had the set for a few days now and I’m still undecided. They are comfortable. With three sizes to choose from they do allow for multiple uses. I also like the deep tissue message feel you get from each wheel. I’m aure over time they will provide different types of relief I’m looking for. "
Brian W.
"Great way to stretch and massage back muscles that are hard to get to! "
Kristi B.
Finally relief.
"I’ve tried a lot to get some relief from lower back pain. Moon boots. The anti gravity ones. Like from that deuce bigalow movie. I don’t like being upside down, they weren’t awesome. I’ve tried the inversion tables. Same. Not awesome. Broke down and decided to try the wheels. Almost instant relief after using them for the first time. I try to use them every day, and so far the stretching has really helped keep the pain at bay. Glad I decided to give you guys a shot, and I’ve told several about the wheels!"
Timothy T.
The Plexus Wheel
"I was hoping to buy an inversion table, and now I’m glad I didn’t. The Plexus wheel traction’s my back as good as any inversion table I have ever used. My back is more flexible and no more little aches and pains. "
James N.
Just what the doctor ordered
"When I saw the first ad for this I knew this would work perfectly for me and others in my family. It gets used everyday and everyone is loving it and the relief it is bring to our spines. It has paid for itself in a matter of days. Thank you."
Darren S.
"I like the plexus wheels however the medium size cracks when I roll on it. Is that normal?"
Juliette C.
Awesome. Very pleased.
"Awesome. Very pleased."
Edward C.
"It’s awesome! Feels so good, gets my back to crack/pop and then I’m standing straight again. If you have poor posture, this helps so much! "
Keith C.
"I’m actually awaiting notification a shipment of my plexus plus wheels to replace my plexus sport wheels."
Chris F.
Sweet Relief
"the smallest version is the way to go, really started feeling tension release using the deep tissue targeted wheel"
Elizabeth J.
Great stretching tool and more
"I bought these wheels for my boyfriend whose back is a mess with bulging disks and other injuries. He says the wheels are great for stretching, and he uses the small one for posture when he’s sitting down. They must be doing something good because he’s drawn to using them every day, even when (or especially when) he comes home exhausted from his very physical job. He says after he uses them he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders."
Jacqueline L.
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