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Cracked my back in places I didn't know I had
"Amazing. Felt fantastic from the first moment I used it. "
Ryan L.
Great idea
"I've been using the plexus wheel to keep my posture straight and my husband uses it before or after training. We've been using it daily and we are really happy with the purchase. "
Teodora L.
"Keeps cracking my back! I font use the small one as much as I use the larger two but I have noticed a difference in the amount of backpain I used to have vs. now. Definitely recommend it. "
David S.
Plexus Wheel
"Still getting used to it. Seems to work well. "
Lance W.
Love it
"I brought this into work to show people and it has been a hit. Everyone loves these and my back feels amazing!"
Amanda H.
Great product.
"I am thoroughly enjoying the plexus wheels. So far the product is way above what I expected. Very well crafted. And it works great on my back."
chris w.
This seems to be working!
"It took a while to get here but I have used it daily since and am noticing a difference in the tightness of my back and piriformis muscles. They are very sturdy and well made!"
Mary L.
"These adjust my back like a foam roller couldn't even dream to. The medium size is my most used, followed by the smaller one to help with my posture while sitting. If you have back pain or soreness, you need one!"
Elizabeth K.
Works great
"Works great. I took the smaller Plexus wheel to work to have at my desk. "
Rameena S.
Take your time and let it happen
"It took a couple of days before My body let me know which wheel would work best for me. I am now able to adjust my back and re-align my spine as often as needed. This tools helps me to maintain my spine health, it save me time and money by not having to go to the Chiropractor as often as I used to. Thank you so much!"
Benjamin M.
"These are perfect for stretching my back. I’ve been letting all my friends try it and several have ordered!"
pamela v.
"I dont have to break my wrists cracking husband’s back anymore! He loves it!!!"
Paula C.
"seems to be worth it"
Dustin B.
Amazing for the spine
"First roller that really lets me isolate the muscles from the spine. I love it."
Will T.
Game changer
"It’s really helped with my lower back and neck pain. Simple to use and very effective. I’m a big man so using my own weight to get me back in line and loosened up is the most glorious thing "
Jake W.
I Have a New Back
"I knew there was a problem with my back for quite awhile, probably a lot longer than I realized. After using the Plexus Wheels (12” and 6”), I feel like I traded in my old back for a brand new one. Love it. I can now sit at my desk without wincing in pain after 30 minutes. "
Janson R.
A gift for my wife.
"Happily I have no back problems but my wife of 50 years is not so lucky. Lingering periodic neuropathy from a bout with shingles years ago puts her to bed when it flairs up. No other position yields any relief. The largest wheel however allows her to sit on the floor with the wheel as the backrest. The wheels also help to apply pressure to the area hurting most. She is thankful for the devices and loves them. "
Estes, R.
Love it- want more to do with it
"I have loved my wheels! So much so that I brought them to work to show my friends. I do all of the exercises they provided with it and they have available online but want more!"
Kristina T.
Good stuff
"Works great, my back pain has gotten somewhat better. Love the deep tissue size."
Grant A.
Very nice!
"Each of these items works great! I can’t wait to try them out in different ways."
Lynsey J.
It works
"My experience so far with the 12" wheel is positive. It's simply a really good tool to stretch out your back. I like using it before I exercise (lift weights, run or disc golf). The wheel is easy to use, doesn't take up space & I wasn't expensive. "
Great self mobilizing product.
"I was always a huge fan of the foam roll but really like how the Plexus Wheel digs in between the scapula and provides more deep tissue release. Also like how you can sit with it and how it helps with posture."
Charles C.
"No more back pain "
Garrett m.
Love them!
"They’ve been great at helping to limber up my back. "
Creston I.
"Love this product. Immediate relief! "
Laura F.
Money well spent!
"They really do work! My boyfriend and I both used them. They work great! So glad I made the decision to get the three pack."
Katrina E.
Great products
"I ordered bundle set for my husband and me, but I liked the Plexus Sport and love the small Plexus wheel plus, so I kept 3 of them. I used them every day at home or in the office for posture corrector. I also combined them with some of the Pilates exercises and it's fun. I love it. "
Mimi B.
Exceeds my expectations!
"I purchased the whole thing (6 wheels) and each one has exceeded my expectation! I’m still finding all the ways to incorporate them into my daily routine-there are just so many benefits! It’s like having a live-in chiropractor, and you’re in control! ♥️"
Theresa A.
Cant imagine life without it!
"These wheels have been a huge help in keeping myself and my whole team at the office going through the day. The relief they provide is amazing and prevents you from needing constant chiropractic adjustments."
Daniel W.
I’m a fan
"I’ve used foam rollers for years and decided to give this a try. After using it for a few weeks, I am a fan. It’s easy to use and gets enough pressure into my tight back, and I feel better after using it. "
Colin S.
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