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Better than foam roller
"I have a lot of neck and back issues- doesn’t help that I sit in an office all day. I’ve been using the middle sized Plexus wheel after a long day of work every other day and sometimes in the morning after waking up. It’s been about two weeks and mid to lower back pain has decreased significantly and my husband can tell my posture is better, and right shoulder hasn’t been droopy. I still have my bad days but this has really helped. It’s also great that my whole back and neck pops as I wheel along 😬"
Chantaravy T.
Great set
"Items received quickly and provides a great stretch. Even my 10 year old who’s into a lot of sports loves using them. "
Charmaine C.
"It was great. I was going to the chiropractor once every other week if not every week for headaches. Since using these I haven’t had to go back to the chiro. If I start to get a headache I use my plexus wheels and it eventually goes away!!! Thanks for making something that really helps!!!"
Rhiannon W.
Back Relief!
"I don't use these as often as I should. However, these wheels have helped me tremendously, especially when my back is very tight. I use the breathing techniques I learned from yoga and implement these wheels in order to stretch (and pop) my spine/neck. The covering is soft and spongy and while there is some discomfort at first (if your back is tight), it gets so much better. I love my wheels and they are a great investment for my back/neck and health in general. I hope to utilize them more and on different parts of my body. They are very well made. Thank you plexus!! "
Addicted to my Plexus!
"My husband and I are both addicted to using these wheels. Every night, we rush to the bedroom to get to our favorite wheel before the other person 🤣 My favorite is the medium size! Will recommend to any friend/family with back pain and always try to get people to use them when they come over (yes, we’re those weirdos!)"
Darcy S.
I really enjoy using the
"I really enjoy using the larger wheels for opening up my back and shoulders; it feels great!"
Emily D.
Great Roller for the Back!
"So far I've really loved this thing. I previously had a standard foam roller (one of those 12 in long, 6 inch diameter ones) for my calves, quads, etc. It gets the job done for sure, but I'm never able to hit my back with it. For one the diameter of it is too small to allow me to really arch over it, and the other problem is it is too long it doesn't hit all the muscles or work the spine like the Plexus Wheel does. That's why I love my Plexus, it is great for specifically targeting my back. I can go the full length of my back and arch backwards over it and reallllly stretch it out. Plus I really feel it working my spine disk by disk which is great. While I still prefer to use my 6in. foam for my legs, my Plexus will never go unused."
Christopher C.
Good quality, effective
"Great. It has helped me and my husband significantly."
Lauren R.
Worth the 3 pack
"Each size has its benefits, and I am glad I purchased all 3 at once. Certainly would not known that each size helps focus on different aspects if I hadn't tried them for myself. "
Tamara C.
My Middle Aged Back Loves this
"Being in my mid 50's I find great relief using the roller a few minutes every day or two to get the extension that my avid cycling does not provide. Great device!!"
Dean V.
Really stretches and strenthens core
"I admit I was a little skeptical when I purchased my wheel - I opted for the medium size. It was a bit awkward getting started, but wow does it feel great when you get the hang of it. It gently cracks my spine all the way up and feels like tension relief. I keep mine in my living room and I use it everyday while watching TV. "
Kristine B.
"My wife and I have used them daily since receiving them in February. I bring them to work sometimes and have a hard time getting them back from coworkers!"
Joseph S.
love the product
"this thing works great. i use it to stretch my back almost daily. My only complaint was i was told i was getting some free neck pillow with it, which i was emailed twice about the delay, the last one saying i'd have it end of march. still don't have it. i don't care too much as i didn't pay for it, but it was supposed to be part of the deal"
William B.
group purchase
"I split the set with my son. I feel that these have helped to relieve my back tension. "
Sherry S.
Medium wheel
"Should of gotten the small. "
Cathey R.
My Dad Got a Set Too
"Love having this set to roll my back out whenever I need. In the morning or evening I use them or after a hard day of work. "
Meagan C.
I love this product!
"Great! I start with the largest and use all three, working my way to the smallest (deep tissue) wheel. So relieving! "
Terri K.
Changed My Life!
"I have been going to Chiropractors approximately 1 to 2 times per month for 27 years. In between visits I would have a partner walk on my back or help me adjust myself for temporary relief. I was a little skeptical of the Plexus Wheel when I saw the commercial, but I knew leaning over a railing or a couch arm always helped me a little so this had to work and I was willing to give it a try. After all, I could always return it. My only concern was if my abdominal muscles would be strong enough to support myself as it's been a long time since I have done a sit up. Well, in the beginning it was difficult and I had to lay across the Plexus Wheel while resting my head on a stool. But, within a couple of weeks my abdominal muscles were strong enough to use the device without issue, and has helped to strengthen my core. With a little practice I have figured out how to massage and get deep cracks from the most stubborn vertebrae. It still doesn't get all of them and an occasional visit to the chiropractor helps but the Plexus Wheel has strengthened my core and improved my posture. I use it every evening after work. It's best after a nice hot shower when you are all loosened up. This thing has changed my life."
George M.
"I absolutely LOVE these wheels! I find they are a great combination of an exercise ball and a foam roller. I use mine daily to stretch my back and have recommended them to several others!"
Deanna M.
Wonderful for my lower back pain!
"I use this almost daily and can notice a difference when I haven't used the wheel in a while."
Sean M.
"I have chronic degenerative back problems. Yet, I am pain free as long as I stretch regularly. Getting the pressure off my disks is the key. The plexus wheel does this simply and effectively. So much more convenient than an inversion table and I think it does a better job."
Carrie R.
Plexus 3 Wheel Pack
"They are very helpful with loosening up my neck and back muscles. I do cleaning as a business so these wheels are amazing and off-set going to the chiropractor and massage therapist. Truly a God-send. Thank you so much!!!"
Rebecca A.
Actually works!!
"My husband has had back pain for a few years. Now when his back starts to hurt he just rolls on the wheel for a bit and he is now back pain free! Would definitely recommend to everyone!"
Jeni B.
Great product
"I've been using the small wheel at work and it works great to keep my back in alignment. I'm still working with the larger wheel at home and it works wonders on my stressed out back and shoulders. "
Charlene K.
Perfect stretch for the back and hips.
"These wheels are exactly what I needed. I never use the small wheel, but the middle one and the large one give me the perfect stretch that releases tension. When my back locks up, I can be assured that a few minutes stretched out on one of these wheels will get me up and going again. Actually, just using one on a daily basis has eliminated a lot of the tension in my back and hips. "
Tracey S.
Great product
"I love it! It gets that spot between the shoulders that the foam roller just can't *****, and that alone makes the purchase worth it. As someone with chronic back pain, I have to admit that it's not as life changing as the ads would have you believe... but I'm still a big fan."
Carey S.
Best investment ever!
"I used to suffer from chronic neck and lower back pain. After using the Plexus wheels for a month, the pain is gone. "
Dena B.
good for spinal decompression
"good but wish there were more videos or instructional guidance "
ann-marie m.
Wonderful stretch
"Love this. I have the medium wheel and gives great pressure (just right). Wonderful for stretching out my lumbar and my upper thoracic/cervical spine where I have most of my pain. I have not tried yoga with it but look forward to doing so. My children also think it is hilarious and roll it around the house. "
Lauren S.
Plexus 3 wheel pack
"I feel like I have gone to the chiropractor ever time I use them!!"
natalie s.
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