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"Gotta say i love it more than my small regular rollers. Amazing!"
Sean P.
Really improves my ability to stretch
"I am a hairstylist so i repeatedly use and exhaust the same muscle groups. This product has helped me stretch out muscles i struggle with deeper than i could do on my own. Glad I took a chance"
Ashley A.
Wise investment
"We are believers! Husband and I each use at least once a day. "
Alicia M.
Love love love
"While it can be a little painful while using these wheels, they make me feel 100 times better afterward. They are great at helping me strech, and release pressure from my lower back. Truly a life saver. "
Meghan M.
Rolled out into place!
"As soon as I took it out of the package I put one down and tried it out! My back snapped right back into shape, amazing relief instantly! Thanks for a well made product!"
Martin F.
"I got the Plexus 3 wheel pack in December. It is a so great. I try to use it at least once a day. Even if it is just a simple, quick, roll. My back cracks and realigns every time I use it for my back. I am very novice with many yoga poses, but with the wheels I am so close to the headstand pose. I am so excited to be able to do many more poses since getting the wheels. "
sara h.
"I tried it once and wasn’t convinced— I even looked into returning it! But then I went to my chiropractor the next day and he was in shock at how easy and productive my adjustment went. He asked what I had been doing differently. I honestly didn’t realize that the wheels made that much difference from the first use, but now after several regular uses, I feel less back and neck pain! "
Melanie S.
Not real useful for me
"My daughter loves this but I don’t find it useful. Her yoga teacher incorporates it into the class and I think that makes all the difference. My yoga teacher doesn’t like it. So, my advice is to check with your yoga teacher or make sure it’s something you really want, before buying it. "
Kathryn H.
Life Changing
"I just started using this a week ago, but I’m shocked at how much they relieve my pain. I’ve had back pain I’ve lived with for years, and nothing worked. Every time I’ve used one of my wheels before bed I don’t feel the pain I usually do while trying to go to sleep and when I wake up I can actually move, and not like a 90 year old in a 30 year old’s body. I did notice I have to use it daily though or else the pain comes back but I honestly am so thankful I bought this product. After 15 years of back pain I have almost instant relief at home. "
Jacqueline P.
Happy Customer
"Excellent quality at a very good price. Fantastic concept for spinal decompression and structural reshaping. After little use I'm sure my patients will find these very useful. Thank you. "
Jaimal S.
Tried a Great Product!!!!
"Great product. So far I haven’t had to go back to the Chiropractor. I even went back to the website and found other exercises not listed with the Plexus Wheel that were beneficial. So be sure to checkout their website for other exercises."
Patricia J.
"I've had them a few days now and use them for a few minutes a day and notice a huge difference in my back, specifically sciatic pain! Worth every penny!!"
Nicholas G.
Love my wheels!
"Love being able to maintain my own spine on a daily basis, you couldn't get these wheels back from me if you tried!"
Roberta J.
Love It!!
"I bought the 3 pack Plexus wheel because I suffer from migraines. I sit at a desk most of the day so I brought this into work so I could stretch throughout the day. I literally have my entire department coming to use the wheels throughout the day. I have tried a lot of gadgets to help stretch my back and shoulders and this is by far my favorite. I don’t have to make myself use this because it is so helpful, I’m just naturally using the wheels throughout the day. I like having all three sizes, but definitely recommend starting out with the largest wheel. I’m a happy Plexus Customer! "
Annette S.
"this has really helped to open up my back and get my circulation going. LOVE IT! "
Robby s.
"Bad back from multiple knee surgeries due to college basketball injuries. Love stretching out on plexus. Really opens me up. Still playing with it to address specific areas."
Taryn A.
Plexus Standard Wheel is Outstanding!
"I was skeptical of the Plexus wheel at first. After receiving the wheel, I was pleasantly surprised at its sturdy construction (I am 230 pounds and it supports my weight!) and the relief it provides. I have purchased many different foam rollers over the years and even an inversion table seeking back relief. This wheel beats them all!"
Tony F.
Love them!
"These are perfect, good quality, very fast shipping! "
Brittany T.
I like it thank you
"I like it thank you"
Miguel A.
"I still learning the different ways to use these."
Ed W.
EXACTLY what I needed!
"I love how these wheels massage the hard to reach spots on my back. I brought the smallest one to work to use in my chair to help my posture. I use the larger ones to stretch my back every evening and it feels so good! I did lose balance on the largest wheel once and fell flat on my back on my hardwood floor, which was painful. Luckily I didn't land on the wheel sideways, which probably would have hurt much more. So you do want to be careful rolling on these, because you can fall off! Bonus: My cats love to curl up in the largest wheel and use it as a bed!"
Melanie S.
My Husband loves this!
"I got this for my husband. He had back surgery a few years ago and constantly has to pop his back. This has significantly reduced the amount of time he spends pooping his back. "
Talya B.
Plexus wheeel
"Excellent product. Used daily by my whole family with excellent results. "
Karie W.
Good for between shoulders and c spine
"Effective for constant pain. My body is slowly feeling much better. Especially the tension in my low -C spine"
Aftan B.
Exceptional investment that truly benefits the body.
"I bought the 3 pack deal and I am truly happy with this product. I suffer from low back pain due to a hip and leg injury. I have to sit a lot due to the computer work I am involved in. When sitting triggers my back, hip and leg to seize up on me, I immediately start utilizing my plexus wheel to help me out. It is such a great investment as I was beginning to feel I might have to invest in a chiropractor or start physical therapy again. Instead the plexus wheel offers exactly the help I need to alleviate my pain and stiffness. I would recommend this to anyone. I even got my husband to use it because, he has a pinched sciatica nerve and a slipped L5 herniated disc. He too finds it helpful in his back problem. "
Tammy M.
I love these!! Use them every day <3
"I am loving having this tool to help me with my daily routine. I struggle with shoulder weakness and the combination of daily corrections with the wheel and planks and push ups, I have strengthened my back considerably. The mid size wheel is great for hip stretch and pelvic alignment. I am feeling stronger and overall more flexible since I started using the Plexus Wheel. Very happy! "
Monica L.
Amazing product!
"I bought the package with all three wheels for my husband as he has ribs that are chronically out. With the three different wheels he is able to put them back in by himself. Wish I had bought way sooner and two sets! Life changer for sure for our family and my husbands chronic pain and discomfort. "
Michelle R.
Easy to use
"These three wheels are adaptable for both kids and adults. My husband used the large one to stretch his back, I use the medium one and the small in place of foam rolling and my son likes to use all sizes as chairs to keep him physical while he's reading, doing homework, or playing with his toys."
Amanda B.
The Plexus Wheel Works Great!
"Really brought me relief!"
Ron A.
Plexus wheel
"As of yet my back issues have prevented me from using it until I’m cleared by the Dr "
Marsha H.
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