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Exceeded expectations!
"My neck and back have been hurting for several months due to a variety of reasons. I have been pleased with how quickly I can relax and fall asleep after using the neck pillow. The large & medium wheels are excellent for stretching out my back muscles and strengthening my core. The small wheel is my favorite go to for posture training. I'm seeing results and am pleased with this purchase! "
M W.
"back pain is gone"
Dane L.
10" Plexus Wheel
"I like it. It really stretches my spine and muscles. I will still be using it when I'm 90 :)"
Nicole W.
"The plexus wheel is providing relief from the back pain I had had for decades. Thank you!"
Carol H.
"I really enjoy using the wheel to do back rxercises.I feel really great after I use it."
maury a.
Nice stretch for the back!
"It’s an easy stretch for your back and makes the tightness disappear. "
Kathrin F.
Im loving it!
"Amazing back pain release! Unlike other products, Plexus Wheel is the best ever! I’ve bought the of three and so far I’m in love with the product! "
Works Wonders
"I got this wheel and love how it is working so far. It really cracks my back and causes strengthening as you use it. It is a good tool. Must have in my opinion. "
David S.
Mark review
"Not a worth while product. Painful to use. Have tried for a couple of weeks. Still painful. Want to return, but the shipping is expensive. So plexus gets the full amount of the product and customer not satisfied. "
Mark K.
Great tools for my daily stretch!
"These are amazing! I use them every night when I stretch to help release the tensions in my back and upper body. Love using them! The only thing I didn’t like was the way it was shipped. It was wrapped in a plastic envelope without any protective wraps so the products have marks that I believe were damaged while it got shipped… "
Tsuyoshi H.
"I bought it for my girlfriend. She uses it everyday and says it is great "
Jeffrey D.
great product
"I absolutely love it. Mostly I use the smallest circle at night since I am working nights. I used large circle a few times. I told all of my coworkers about your product!"
Joanna V.
Plexus wheel
"Great my back feels great"
Mary T.
Had to buy 2!
"I use this pillow every day. Sometimes in my lower back to relieve my chronic lower back pain. The little knobs are excellent in stimulating circulation so pleased I found this plexus pillow!!"
Simple innovation to a healthy spine
"This invention is great for me to stretch my spine and back to combat the effects from sitting at the desk. Thanks "
Cory O.
I’m pleasantly surprised!
"I’ve had no ability the last 5yrs to sleep on my sides or flat on my back. Using the Plexus Wheel for one week amazingly cured my issues. I’m telling everyone I know what a miracle worker these things are to me!"
Chris M.
Great for Post-Pregnancy
"My wife was experiencing back problems after giving birth. The mixing of the the sizes really hard to alleviate the pain and strengthen."
Jonathan C.
Love it!
"I have two sets of Plexus 3 week packs, one at home and one at work. They have changed my life. Being able to stretch out my back has cut down on my chiropractor visits and is keeping my back healthy. I highly recommend it. "
Jessica K.
"My husband and I both LOVE these. He uses the larger wheel most and I use the smaller one. For the first time in a while we don't have to walk around with back pain. THANK YOU!!"
Jennifer M.
Does what they say it does
"I have always had back pains and would try to stretch and pop it every way I could. This device has helped decrease my pain and makes it super easy to pop my back."
Mitchell M.
Plexus 3 Wheel Pack
"Good. However, due to my being overweight, they bruise my back sometimes when using one. I guess the Plexus Wheels are meant for average weight people. The company should have the products stating for slim people only... as it was not inexpensive nor cheap."
Helen C.
Strong support
"I found the plexus wheel easy to use. It fits right down my spine. Definitely sturdy enough. Very pleased."
Darlene H.
Seriously, try this!
"So I've had scoliosis for over 25 years, have went to the chiropractor regularly, and constantly have a tight or achey back. I saw this online and figured I didn't have anything to lose. The FIRST day I used the wheel after work, before I went to bed, and when I woke up, my soreness was GONE. I'm not exaggerating. This little wheel is a life saver. Thank You! "
Matthew F.
Snap, Crackle, Pop
"Love the Wheels! Bought all three sizes and use them frequently if not everyday. Big to open up the back, mid to stretch out the muscles, and the little to adjust the spine and go deeper. I would/will highly recommend these to anyone who as back issues or just wants a great way to stretch!"
Kevin M.
Exceeded my expectations!
"I haven’t skipped a day using my wheels since I got them. They ***** my back like nothing else can, and I’ve incorporated them into yoga and deep stretching routines. Love this product! "
Terri H.
Great product but a little pricey
"I love the products. Really help to make the back feel good. However I don't see how it is different from the yoga wheels. Maybe the sizing is different but other than that no big differences. Yoga wheel at ur local marshalls, TJ Max is less expensive and might be a good option. "
Jenny N.
Need to return
"I'm moving and the items are too heavy. I need to return them and maybe purchase at another time."
Johansson, J.
"Just the sheat ability to stretch between the blades makes this a wonder"
Tru V.
Sweet Relief!
"I see the chiropractor regularly. However, in between visits, my spine feels so much pressure. I get so tense, and I feel a lot of pain. When I feel this pressure, I decompress on the Plexus Wheel. I have bought all 3 sizes because I wasn't sure what I needed. The biggest one and the middle size are great for general decompression. The smallest one is amazing when I am in pain. It really gets deep into the tissue. I am in love. Finally a product that goes between the shoulders. Foam rollers would never do the trick. No more bending over backwards on the side of the couch trying to stretch. "
jamie s.
"I am amazed just how quickly the Plexus gave my back new life!!! I work out every day and had so much tension between my shoulderblades and lower back. Nothing I did would relieve the discomfort. I wasnt able to get my back to *****, no matter what I did When I used the Plexus for the first time my back popped right in between my shoulderblades line 5 times and I was like THANK YOU THANK YOU..Also, the tension in my lower back has been greatly diminished by 90% and my back is feeling AMAZEBALLS!!!"
Amanda N.
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