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6” Deep Tissue - Plexus Wheel review
"The concept is great but there is a slight design flaw. If you contact me in person we can discuss it. Please email me in reference to this. I’ve been using something similar for years that works great and could seriously impact your reviews and product. Thanks"
Delandras D.
Love these
"Everything was great. From ordering to receiving the item to using the wheels. Love the wheels. They have helped my upper back so much. Thank you "
Christine A.
Love my Chirps!!!
"This is the best thing ever for my back. I highly recommend them to anyone that is going to a chiropractor for upper back adjustments (that WAS me), or physiotherapy for upper back/neck issues (stopped that now too!). As soon as I started using the wheels I noticed a huge improvement and lack of any pain in my upper back. I'm even going to take one travelling with me since my back is the worst after long flights. I think that the physio exercises prior to getting the wheel helped make the wheels be more effective, as the right muscles were being worked prior to starting the wheels. "
Bonnie J.
I'm lovin' it!!!
"So far this is working like a charm! My husband also loves it...we wish we bought the full set. "
Chantrell W.
Great device
"Love it! Husband has had great results using it."
Julie P.
Low back relief plexus plus
"After the first four days of use my back and neck muscles have relaxed significantly. I’m able to turn my head around with full range of movement. I’ve had low back pain / sciatica for several years and the pain has almost been 100% relieved. I am very happy with this product, the quality is excellent and it arrived as promised. "
Duane B.
Love it!
"The Plexus wheel is absolutely perfect to reach the hard to reach muscles between the shoulder blades, I love it!"
Raymond B.
medium plexus wheel
"Good, my back cracked in several places! In hindsight the small plexus wheel would have been better!"
jennifer g.
Durable item
"Great! Easy to use and love how it will stretch and crack my whole back."
Rob M.
Mid-size Chirp
"I purchased the mid sized Chirp for my daughter who also sees a chiropractor. She uses it daily and loves it! "
Marletta B.
Love it!
"It seem like a lot of pressure on my back but it helped this spur that I have and pain stayed gone all day!"
Dana R.
"It really works "
yordani j.
First Time User
"I have been struggling with sciatica for over a year and this has almost cleared the problem entirely. Highly recommend. "
Misty I.
"Using the back relief system has helped with the sever pain in my back. Not very travel friendly but, the best decision to bring! "
Irma M.
Love um!
"Took a little bit to get but soooo worth it. Great quality and the color is amazing!"
eric f.
"Absolutely shocked! My back has not felt this good in years. So happy I got this! "
Charity S.
Love it!
"Use it everyday night and morning."
Kelly M.
Great for back pain
"Really helps with my mid back pain, a lot more compact than a traditional roller. I am about 205 and am able to put my full weight on it when stretching my back"
Paula j.
Great Back Pain Relief
"These wheels have helped with my upper and lower back pain."
Patrick F.
This is like magic!
"I love my plexus wheels so much! I have one st my office, 2 at home, and my second set at my CrossFit gym. The large wheel pops my back in all of the places that cause discomfort while massaging that aggravating deep tissue under my shoulder blades. It’s like a mini chiro/massage at home!"
Alida S.
Best nerve pain reliever
"My experience with his product has been phenomenal. I have a broken disk in my back, and it creates a lot of nerve pain and muscle tightness. The plexus wheel really digs into your back and relieves pain and stiffness. You feel like a brand new person after using it for the correct allotted time. (3-10 minutes) Great product!!"
Jason M.
The best
"Not only does it stretch, it strengthens. I love this thing. Total game changer. I will use this every day after work. While it feels so relaxing to stretch out my back, it also strengthens my core and various other muscles without feeling like I'm doing a workout. My yoga ball is in the garbage. Love this thing and highly recommend the 3 pack. "
Letecia R.
"I have back pain all over, upper, middle, lower, you name it. But I have the most teoubkenwith my lower back. A few rolls with the plexus wheel+ gives me instant back relief!!"
Nathan K.
Totally worth it.
"Totally worth the investment. I use it all the time...great way for me to stretch out my back and get that relief for my back. "
Daphne C.
great help
"helps with my back pain"
Yulia Z.
When they say deep tissue, they mean it!!
"This item has turned into my absolute favorite thing to use when I need to stretch my back and hips. I bring it into work and use it on my off time and I’ve gotten several people hooked on it. Contemplating on purchasing the medium size as well."
garrett g.
Clearing out the debris
"My lower back pain feels like it has many layers. In a few weeks, I have been able to remove some of those layers, and I can feel the debris that used to occupy those cells removing themselves. It's weird, but awesome. Then there's the popping in my upper back when the wheel rolls up there. Feels like someone walking on my back with their heels, except not as sharp and not painful at all. And, I can spend time just resting in those spots. My favorite is the most difficult to do, work on my neck. When I lay on my side, I can apply pressure to the entire side of my neck, where I can only imagine the toxins and debris caught up in there, and being released. It helps reduce headaches and sinus pressure. Oddly enough, when I work on my loser middle back, sometimes my sinuses pop open a little more. Also weird but satisfying. By clearing up the more recent aches and pains, I've been able to uncover and work on my older pains that are deeper and harder to reach. I love the 6" wheel. It doesn't bruise me, but I don't bruise easily. "
Joshua P.
Really great product
"Very easy to use does exactly what they say it’s going to do. I have had lower back pain going on 15 years and have never took more the Tylenol for it. Sometimes it’s realy bad. I have been using the plexus wheel just about every other day to ease into it and since for about 3 y Weeks I haven’t taken a Tylenol for pain at all. Follow the videos and it will help. "
Justin W.
Perfect fit
"Very Happy with my 12” wheel. It’s just the right amount of pressure. Firm to work out the kinks but gentle. Happy customer."
Michele B.
Great Product
"This works as advertised. My back feels great. l use all three sizes and would recommend getting all three as you will think you are missing something if you don’t. Great buy, great product!"
Michael H.
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