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"I don’t know how I got by without this all my life. It is exactly what I’ve always wanted, but never knew. "
Amanda B.
Plexus Saved Me
"I purchased the wheel multi pack a year ago after suffering a serious cervical spine injury. After surgery and rest, I started experiencing middle and lower back discomfort for the first time, as I was compincating for my neck’s immobility. Using my Plexus, I was able to overcome this discomfort, and accelerate my rehab. I’ve loved Plexus so much, that I’ve recommended it to two other friends with lower back pain whom have both had similar results!"
John H.
3 Wheel Pack
"Best purchase I've made in a long time!! The deep tissue roller is my favorite. Helps to relieve the stress and tense muscles that I carry in my shoulders and neck area. Highly recommend!! "
holli m.
Wonderful for my husband's back!
"These wheels have been wonderful for my husband's back. He wakes up with his back very stiff in the morning and this has been extremely helpful for sorting him out and getting him on his way. After my workouts, I use them to stretch. Overall they've been wonderful and I would highly recommend them (and have!) to others."
Kris L.
Love my Plexus
"This is a really innovative product. Simple to use and really works. I’ve been experiencing the added benefit of much deeper and better sleep as well. "
Richard H.
Holy Cow!
"I have a 6ft tall hubby who climbs stairs all day at work and the plexus wheels have helped him immensely! BP (Before Plexus) he would try to find ways to pop his back at work and then have me try to pop it at home just to feel some relief; all of that pales in comparison to the plexus wheels. He hasn’t complained about back pain since they arrived! "
Cynthia S.
Really sad
"I love them but I am really sad that I have the old style and you are coming out with a better one! Is there any way I can exchange mine??"
Sarah B.
Great for Recovery from treatment
"I had a bone marrow transplant a few years ago and have a fair amount of back pain and stiffness, stretching with the wheel really helps to relieve the tension. "
Cheri R.
My wheels
"Bought the set of three but only use the medium one and love it"
Donna S.
Great Purchase
"I’ve only been using my Plexus wheels a few weeks, but I instantly felt the difference. They are so much better than the foam roller I had been using for year. I get a better stretch using the Plexus wheel. The different sizes are great too because I can very the intensity. I didn’t realize how much my old foam roller had broken down, which won’t be a problem with the Plexus wheel."
Jeremy G.
"I had been looking at buying this for a year ! The question I keep asking my self is why did I wait so long ? "
Janet R.
Great product!
"I was very pleased with the quality. I bought it for my husband. He has not tried it yet, I hope it helps him!"
Love it
"Wow.....does a great job on the spine!"
Sara W.
Simple, AMAZING, and great quality.
"The Plexus wheel has so many uses and benefits. We use it daily to destress, stretch, or simply roll out a kink. I've recommended to friends and family and encourage getting the 3 pack because some days you just need to address different things. "
Patty B.
I love the wheel it
"I love the wheel it works well. "
Mrs S.
Kailey F.
Highly recommend
"Everytime I use it my back feels good. I also notice that my back posture is better. "
Jazmin T.
Tooooooo Legit
"Love this product and the ease of using it anytime "
Alexandra B.
So far so good
"Have been using it about a week and I'm seeing results in posture. Less neck and back pain as well"
Chadd G.
Just buy them!
"I purchased a three pack. I had been debating for a few months. They have been FANTASTIC to use for my back, glutes and legs! I was going to call the chiropractor the day my order shipped, held off to see if they would help. I used in the evening and again the next morning when they arrived. My back pain and glute tightness was gone after using twice! I now use them daily to feel the great massage they give you! "
Cheri B.
No items yet
"Never receive the items yet."
Napua A.
Love this product!
"I have been using the biggest wheel 2x/day for ~5 mins. My back pain is 95% improved. If you are on the fence take the leap. Great product! "
Sarah B.
So simply, So AMAZING!!
"I was very hesitant when I purchased this the 12” wheel & honestly didn’t think it would work. After using it for about a week my lifelong back pain was almost gone. Now my twelve yr old & I use the wheel every night. LOVE IT!!"
Stacy B.
Better than advertised
"I’m new to this by no stretch of the imagination. Have struggled with lower back pain for a few years now. Mine was the variety where my back would be fine for a time then all of a sudden it would lock up and be terrible for a week or longer. I felt it coming on this time around and order the three wheel pack. The oncoming back pain has subsided and my back actually feels great since I started using the wheel. I also received the pillow with this order and feel it has been very beneficial in helping to prevent any more flare ups to this point. I’m convinced this was a great purchase. Thank you!!"
Jason T.
"The plexus wheel is an essential part of my day! Each and every time I use it I stand up feeling like a million bucks! What a great product at an affordable price. My favorite $40 investment to date!"
Kevin O.
"I recently purchased the 3 pack of PLEXUS Wheels and got a free Neck Massage Pillow in the bundle. I used the large wheel first. My back cracked in many spots! WOW! RELIEF! Then I used the medium and small wheels and MORE RELIEF! WOW! I'm 56 and physically active, but have had many injuries over my life. Lower back herniated discs, arthritis in neck, pulled muscles, etc. The PLEXUS Wheels are a life changer! I will be able to save money by not getting so many massages and chiropractic adjustments in the future. Thank you so much for putting this great product out there for us to use."
Lisa H.
Skeptic turned Believer
"Bought these with the full intent of trying out for a few days and then just returning. Now they are part of a stretching cycle. The pillow was BS, a gimmick, some ridiculously designed contraption is what I said prior to using it and at first / later that day it all made sense..."
Leslie Q.
Simple but Effective
"Upon receiving the package I used it and immediately felt relief. My back was cracked and felt tensions released."
noel r.
"Relieves tension in tough to reach places. "
Darryl M.
Love the commercial product is even better!
"I bought the complete set and it's a big WIN at our house. Someone is always on one of the wheels when you walk thru the house. "
Roxanne C.
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