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Great addition to foam roller collection
"Like having these 3 yoga wheels as a complement to the various types of foam rollers I use daily. The Yoga wheels adjust the back in ways the foam rollers do not. "
Craig B.
3 Wheel Pack
"They have been tremendous for relaxing parts of my back that I cannot relax otherwise without someone helping me. Thank you"
Diane R.
i love it. its a
"i love it. its a great stretch. for spine. i definitely feel an improvement with back along with other strengthening workouts i do. I LOVE THIS WHEEL💪✌💙"
Mike S.
Easy to use
"Great product for an overall nice stretch. Nice to use as an incorporation in a yoga practice. "
Dawn W.
Back pain be gone!!!!
"I was honestly sceptical when I first came across this product on “another one of those Facebook ads” but I am so glad I clicked on it! I have had back pain constantly throughout the day for the past year or so. I would go to the chiropractor, take medicine all day long and still get no relief. After just the first use I noticed a huge difference! I don’t even notice my back anymore (this is a good thing) and I do not have any pin through the day. I am so glad this product worked for me and I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing daily back pain! "
Anson c.
Amazing for me!
"I've had movement and relief in my spine that i haven't felt in YEARS. "
Jennifer F.
Love them!
"I am a massage therapist with horrible posture and am bent over all day. These wheels are great for helping straighten out my upper back! I also am pretty prone to tension headaches and migraines, and the mini wheel was perfect for helping with neck traction to release those tight neck muscles. I definitely recommend these to anyone who has back and neck issues. However, I wish they came with better and easier to find instructions on how to use them, as I had to google it, which was fine, but when you have a migraine the last thing you want is to be on the computer. Overall though, I see myself using them every day! They have helped a lot. Thank you! "
Kasondra J.
Love them
"Fast delivery. Firm and sturdy."
Petra M.
Love this product!
"I used to live at the chiropractor but recently had spinal surgery and fusion so not able to go anymore. This allows me to release tension and realign myself. Thank you as I wasn't sure what other options I had left."
Brian O.
Totally love!!!
"I'm a hair stylist, and not only do I love them, the girls I work with love them too! My boss ordered herself a set immediately after trying mine. We all get pain in our backs in slightly different places and these help all of us feel way better"
Colleen M.
It workd
"The wheel has helped tremendously. "
Edwina V.
Great addition to my self-care routine
"Easy to use, effective, well made. Really helps with back pain."
Heather L.
"Perfect!!! These are the BEST! Thank you!!"
Megan S.
Back pain and Core Fitness!!
"We are loving all three!! Can’t wait to continue to work my core and see results!! Love the way it stretches my back!! Thanks again for an amazing product! "
Emma K.
Back cracker!
"I have been using mine since I got them. They crack me good. Other than no instructions (going to YouTube for videos) they have worked very well. My girls like to get a good crack going on too."
Joel G.
Lower Back Feels Great Again!
"I bought all 3, but I prefer using the, small-deep tissue, for my lower back. It gives my lowerback a good stretch, and “cracks” it right where I need it most. "
Ismael G.
"Love love love the plexus wheel. I bought all three and use them daily! "
Tiffany T.
Love it
"Worked great, helped to align my back the 1st time I used it! great purchase."
Sarah S.
Great Customer Support
"I will begin this review saying that unfortunately I couldn't get the product, so my review will not be about the product, but what about the customer support. Long story short: I've ordered the 3 pack wheel and FedEx disappeared with my product (and the track number said delivered). I've contact Chirp and spoke to Emilee. She sent me a new pack of 3. FedEx disappeared again with it. This time, the track info says: "delivered at the garage". Well, I don't even have a garage on my condo. So there's that. Again, missing package. I ended up asking for a refund as FedEx was messing up with the packages and I didn't want to cause any trouble or the company to think that I was stealing packages or something. FedEx was not helpful and never returned my calls and never gave me a reason for the missing packages. Emilee helped me out during the whole thing and was willing to send me a third time. Due to how the things were going, I preferred not to take any chances. I will order again later. Thanks for the support, Emilee!"
Bruno P.
Wonderful Product for those with Back Pain!
"My Husband suffered a serious back injury almost 2 years ago, and wakes up every morning sore and his back muscles too tight to walk. After he received this product and started using daily, we were amazed at the difference in his flexibility and strength after use. He uses once in the morning and once before bed, and has noticed such a difference! ***Highly recommended product***"
Nicole G.
Great product!
"Love it so far! It really is effective in eliminating every day aches and pains associated with back pain. I especially love having three sizes. Recommended to friends & family!"
Amy W.
Amazing product
"I love this thing. It has helped loosen up my spine and increase my spinal health! So happy with it"
Ben Z.
Plexus Wheel
"I love my Plexus Wheel! I have scoliosis and the wheel greatly relieves my back discomfort!"
Raymond S.
Highly recommend!!!!
"After the first use, I felt as if my whole being was realigned! Definitely gives a good stretch, and has helped back pain and stiffness. "
Lisa P.
Great stretch
"I’ve only had these for 4 days, but I love the stretch it gives my entire back...especially my lower back. I haven’t been to the site yet to see the other stretch options, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do with them. "
Jeff B.
Gift for Sister
"My sister was telling me about her back problems one day on the phone. Later that day I read a blog about this wheel. And it was full of good things so I decided to order/ship to my sister. First time she used did not read the instructions so she hated it. Next time she read the instructions and is using it daily and learning more ways all the time. I recently saw it in a magazine regarding stretching. If it fit my budget I would order me one. "
gloria p.
I love it!
"Okay, just the fact that I can actually get my back to crack with this, is tops. The fact that its helping with posture and the neck pain I've been experiencing is amazing. I can't wait to try the Plexus + in September! "
Fehren J.
Sweet relief!!
"I was hopeful but not counting on this to really help much with my back pain (I’m bought many different types of rollers and such and never seen a significant change), but I thought it would at least help with flexibility and it was on sale so I gave it a go. The very first time I tried it, I was blown away, my back popped a few times and I felt a difference immediately. I use it everyday (most days multiple times) and I am feeling so much better! My lower back especially feels so much better and even my hip pain has gotten so much relief! It’s really amazing!!! I highly recommend it!!!!!"
Ursula B.
Amazing for my recovering fractured back
"I fractured my back last year and am in constant pain every day. I go to PT, Massage, chiropractor have tried balls everything and this is the only thing to really relieve my pain. LOVE IT!!!"
Jacinda R.
"The wheel really does relieve pressure from my back. I would definitely recommend."
Kim d.
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