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These are working
"I'm glad to have these while working out adult onset scholiosis. I do use all of them nearly every day, in between other exercises and stretches. My back is getting stronger now."
Mathew C.
an incredible product
"The Plexus Wheel has been transformative for our family. Daily stretching, especially on the 10" (Medium) wheel, has reduced chronic back pain for myself & my husband. We bought another for my mother in law, and she absolutely loves it!"
Serenity M.
Chirp Review
"Well I love the item and the concept -unfortunately I'm older and have difficulty getting down so low...thought I had ordered the larger 12 inch size so I was disappointed when I received the smaller medium size 10". Once I was able to get down and roll on my back it was amazing but I would still like to exchange for the larger as I think it will be easier for me to get on there? "
Kimberly K.
"I have both sets of wheel bundle and keep one downstairs and other upstairs. I use massaging set upstairs before I turn in for the night. The other set is downstairs for my hubby to use and he has a bad back. He uses to crack his back and get some relief. "
Victoria W.
"I have 3 herniated disks in my lower back and this has helped with a lot of the pain"
Nolan H.
Finally got popped!
"I have medium curves - scoliosis and was having issues with shoulders and mid back. These are awesome! "
April S.
"I have had back problems since high school. I have spent so much money on every product you can think of. I found Chirp randomly online and decided to try it. As the title states, WOW! I only have been using these for almost two weeks, and I feel a difference! Do yourself a favor. Give these a try. You will not regret it."
Noelle G.
Awesome for back support at work!
"I have the full set of Plexus Sport + wheels for stretching at home and LOVE them. I use them daily and feel so stretched out and started to notice posture improvements. I ordered the small wheel for work so I can support myself at my desk job. Its so much more comfortable to sit for longer periods of time and not slouch! My yoga practice has also improved since this ergonomic change was implemented!"
Erika M.
Life changing
"I got the deep tissue wheel. This has really helped my back pain and tension. The groove was in the wheel helps so it doesn’t roll on your spine. This has been seriously life changing. I love it!"
Nicolas M.
Exactly what I needed
"I have been dealing with chronic back pain for years. My back gets so tight between my shoulders that even my chiropractor has difficulty getting it to move. I also carry stress at the base of my skull which I had not been able to work out. I got the 3-pack not knowing which size, if any, would work. After a few days of using them, my back feels much better and has loosened up considerably. I use the small one on my neck, and am surprised at how well it works to relieve the tension. These things work very well for me."
Charles R.
Great invention!
"It works like they say and I sometimes feel pops and cracks. Definitely stretches out muscles along your spine. I'm very happy with my purchase :-)"
Lisa E.
Life saver
"Both sets are fantastic. I personally still like the original one best. Works my back best. Suffer from multiple back and disk issues. These have gotten me through some tough days. Use them 4 to 5 times a day or as needed. Thank you Plexus Wheel. :-)"
Charles R.
Love! Love! Love!
"I purchased the first set of Plexus Wheels that came out a few years ago. While I love them, I always thought it would be better for my back if the padding was thicker and there was space for the spine... Chirp must have read my mind because this new wheel is EXACTLY what I had in mind!!! It’s comfortable and effective. I’m able get movement and adjustment so comfortably and easily! I highly recommend this product! It’s worth the purchase!"
Judi H.
Great tool
"I've had mine for couple weeks. Literally the first time I used it on my back I felt pops from my lower spine all the way up between my shoulder blades. I just kind of melted on the floor afterwards since it felt great. I highly recommend. Will definitely purchase the others at some point!"
Eric C.
Great prodct
"Works so much better than just a foam roller. It concentrates on areas the roller doesn’t. I use every night!!"
mark e.
Great deep tissue roller!
"Great product! Much needed relief is just a chirp away! I tried other stuff but I like this one. "
Nathan G.
Just started using the 10" wheel
"Easy to use, it really seems to be making a big difference in helping my back pain and stiffness."
John C.
Just what I needed
"Soon as I sat down and put it behind my back, just oneroll back and slight pressure, I felt my whole spine stretch and crack back into place. It’s such a perfect size. Thank you for the nightly back cracking after a long day at work"
Katie D.
Exactly what my back needed
"I can’t say enough good things about this!!! I have lower back pain and stretching out over these wheels was exactly what my back needed. "
Matt C.
"I've spent a ton of money trying to find something that would help my back. This is by FAR the best money I've ever spent. I love my Plexus wheel!!! Nothing ella quite like it."
Troy G.
Crack, Crack, Crack...aaahhhhhhhhhh...
"Love the product. Nothing has made my back crack, and feel relieved like these magic wheels. THANK YOU1"
Bob D.
"Bought for my wife and she loves it. Says it has help greatly"
Timothy H.
"I wouldn’t say it replaces a good adjustment from a chiropractor. However, it does do an amazing job for stretching my back out. I sit all day long and my back kills me every morning and night. A couple minutes on the wheel and I’m feeling great! Better than anything I’ve ever tried before and I’ve tried other products "
Cayla B.
As Advertised
"It is very great I can felt a difference with my stiff back and my sciatic nerve issue after a few uses. I dont have major back issues at all however this product has made my back feel even better!! "
Marshall A.
10’’ Medium Wheel
"I waited longer than expected on receiving the wheel, buuuuut, it was certainly worth the wait! I have already recommended to a friend. It’s such a good tool for stretching the back muscles. Every time I’ve used it, my back ‘pops’ and afterwards feels like I went to chiropractor for an adjustment. "
Brandi T.
Satisfying and feels good.
"I've only had my wheel a few dats, and it's already worth every dollar I paid. My back feels better already. The cracks are so satisfying!"
Amanda R.
Love my 6” Deep Tissue Plexus Wheel
"Keeps my back nice and loose! Use it twice a day, it will reduce my Chiropractic visits. Thanks! Dave Cella"
Dave C.
These are awesome!
"I use these everyday to help with upper back and neck pain. I have my C3-C7 vertebrae fused due to degeneration from osteoarthritis. I have intense muscle spasms and pain in my upper back and neck. Rolling out and stretching on these daily help with that pain. I get a deeper stretch and more “popping” than from a regular foam roller. I bought the complete package with the two sets. I have one set upstairs in my room and the other one downstairs. These are worth the wait!!"
Sheri Z.
Love my Chirp Plexus Wheels
"I work 14 to 16 hour days partly in the office and partly in the field and my back gets stiff, sore and tight. A few years ago I had used a traction table at a chiropractor's office and I knew this should give me very similar results. (I think the traction table did as much good for my back as the chiropractor) So I decided to order and give it a try. When I ordered the set of three Plexus Wheels there website said they were back ordered and to allow 2 weeks for shipment. The wheels were sent out 3 days ahead of schedule. It also said estimated shipping would be 7 days. The wheels arrived 2 days ahead of schedule. So I was very pleased with the purchase and shipping. So I have been using the large wheel for about a week now and my back is starting to limber up and feel much better. Every day when I role on the wheel I get new pops and I can feel all of the disks in my back starting to move. I have just graduated to the medium size wheel and looking forward to using the small wheel. I am very pleased with the Chirp Plexus Wheels, if any thing ever happens to them I will be purchasing another set! "
James L.
"Wasn’t expecting the kind of immediate results I’ve experienced. Def recommend. "
Brad W.
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