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Worth the money
"Awesime love them "
Trevor W.
Couldn’t be better!
"Ordered the 3 pack, paid full price! A week later they went on sale and plexus sends a $20 refund!!! Couldn’t be happier with the company or the product, still on the gentle 12” wheel but can already tell the difference it’s making!"
Ray L.
I love them
"These are fabulous on long trips! I use these when it feels like my ribs or spine isn't aligned and it feels so good. I love that it uses gravity and my own body weight to get aligned."
Charla G.
Plexus wheel+ is the best!
"I love the wheels. My back had been killing me for weeks and I didn’t want to go to a chiropractor. After two times on my wheel I had popped most of my back and was pain free! I use it everyday now."
Lea D.
Love This Thing
"Could not wait for this thing to arrive and it did not disappoint. I get stiffness in the middle of my upper back and this is the most effective way I've found to loosen it up. Once a week I'll get a pop in my back that is absolutely glorious. Highly recommend"
Ben M.
A problem with My Order
"I would first like to say that I have NOT received the mat with the pillow!!! I do like using the wheels to stretch my back almost daily. I think it is a wonderful product and I’m wondering if the black wheels with the cutout middle section give a better stretch than the flat surface? How do I get the mat that was never delivered?"
Vicki S.
I love it!
"My back felt better after the first use. I could not believe it! Thank you for this great product. It has changed my life."
Terri M.
"Works great. My back feels better every time I use it!"
Nicole L.
Love it!
"I have always suffered with back pain but from the first day I got my set of plexus wheels I have been able to majorly loosen up my tight back."
katie A.
Amazing Relief!
"I have struggled with back pain and problems for years, I have tried so many options trying to get relief but no one thing was giving me a somewhat permanent solution. Chiropractors have helped tremendously, but I can't always get seen when I have flare ups... My Plexus Wheels are the solution! Chiropractic therapy alone brought my daily pain down to a 2-3, now with Plexus, it's all but gone!"
Kirby S.
Simple, effective
"I’m pleased with this. It’s nothing fancy but it solves the problem that I’ve always had with foam rollers and it helps my shoulder blad area release. I got the 6” and am curious how the largest one would feel. I used to lay backwards over yoga balls to get a good back stretch and it might work similarly."
Liesel A.
Good to go!
"The plexus roller is very sturdy. I received all 3 sizes and they seem to target different sections of the back."
matt h.
Love each one!
"Still learning the full range of uses but the Plexus has had an immediate positive impact on my back. Take a roll before bed and wake up in the morning without back pain. Yes!"
Dennis W.
It pops !
"The moment when I laid my back on the Plexus and roll, it pops like a bulldozer running over a box of bubble wrap. It feels amazing. 5/5 will pop again."
Huyen T.
Feel Great, As Long As You Like Pain
"For real. I feel great after however rolling on it hurts like ****."
Christopher B.
where have you been all my life?
"this is just right for stretching out my stiff joints and muscles in the morning. And the little one is perfect for stretching while working at my desk. it also helps to keep my back straight. love these! so much better than my 20 year old (no joke) foam roller."
Suzette D.
"I love to use them and my 3 year old daughter does too! Great for stretching your core even if you don't have the strength to hold a back bend!"
Anna S.
Outside of the box thinking
"Great product. Have been super impressed with this. I have always had some back issues of some form. Little products out there help with specific areas or allow you to target certain things. My lower back is better. My hips are better. My shoulders are better. "
nicholas d.
"I keep the small one at work to us in my chair. I have severe back issues and that has helped tremendously!! The large and mid-size rollers are perfect that much needed stretch first thing in the morning and right after work. I very highly recommend these."
Tina M.
Great Product
"I was extremely stiff and sore after a 12 hour flight, and when I got home I found that my set of 3 plexus Wheels had arrived. I immediately tried them and got instant relief. They are now part of my daily routine, and I use the smallest one behind my back when sitting at the computer--greatly relieving my occasional back pain. I'm active and fit with Barre classes, daily walking and yoga, but my back does get sore sometimes. I also use a Melt Roller which has a different effect. In combination with the Wheels I feel better than ever at age 65."
Paula W.
Love my Plexus Wheel
"I have had back issues on and off for years, but more recently taking care of my son's babies full time has caused severe lower back pain. The wheel is fantastic at applying pressure and opening your spine. Really easy to use too! "
Stacey W.
Exactly what I have been looking for!!!
"I have issues with getting my back to pop, upper and lower. The wheel is fantastic for a full back pop. It helps elongate and stretch the spine. "
Leah P.
awesome stretch
"i love the wheels use them every morning. it loosens me up like nothing else so that i can take on my days. it really has helped with relieving alot of pain. im in awwww everytime i use them and im like aaaaaaaaa what a stretch that is 💪✌💙"
Mike S.
Works great
"So far so good. It does adjust my back and helps with pain. It Hurts a little when I roll on it but just for a few minutes and it doesn’t hurt bad enough to not use it and get relief of upper back pain. "
Charity A.
Very impressed
"Being a mechanic that's constantly on my feet or in awkward positions, plus dealing with sciatic nerve pain for quite a while, I am very happy that I finally found something to help my back. Used them as soon as I got them out of the package and literally had immediate back pain relief. Used the little one on my low back/ sciatic area felt so much better. Definitely recommend them to anyone."
Lane W.
Love it!
"It’s helped me be more flexible since I sit all day for work. I’m getting as much benefit out of it as I got from going to a chiropractor. So far, it’s been great! "
Megan C.
In love!
"Great sizes and comfortable! So excited and the colors are really cute! "
Kristal N.
"I purchased the trio and my boyfriend and I have started to implement in our daily routine. We both suffer from backaches and stiffness and found immediate relief and release! I am 5'2 and found that the middle and smaller plexus work best for my size. Thank you plexus wheel!"
Luisamary C.
"Getting the movement back in my spine that a foam roller couldn't get to. Also, it travels well! Thank you!"
Robert M.
Actually works and keeps the hubs happy
"My husband suffers from back pain from sitting all day, so I ordered the 3 pack as a surprise. He was super skeptical but LOVES them! He's over there popping and cracking on his wheels after work and I'm grinning ear to ear for being right, AGAIN. I'm getting some for different family members for Christmas. I would say he uses the medium one the most, and I use the large one, so the 3 pack may not have been completely necessary but now we have the small one for any deep tissue work we want to do. Highly recommend! "
Rachael R.
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