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"The wheels I got are awesome. I love use it . But one small thing is that on the new wheel the mat was not on there right, it a little off "
Adrian L.
Back Crackin Delight
"Love these on a daily basis"
Paul D.
"I’ve used them all a few times and they are effective, was a little disappointed that the rubber is held on but 2 sided tape , one has started to lift . I hope it holds up !"
Tara L.
5 Star product 3Pack Plexus Wheels
"Being a Chiro, I love trying products people can effectively use on their own. These are fantastic! Literally, sturdy, safe, and easy !! Love them!!"
Deborah T.
Great product, ease into it.
"Ease into this one. These wheels definitely stretch things out, but the comfort comes after. It is tough on your back at first. Don’t let that deter you, though."
David C.
Great for my aching back
"Easy to use and very versatile for back and neck stretching. "
Cynthia P.
Family favorite
"We all love rolling! At least once a day we roll on all 3 sizes. They stretch the spine in different ways. It's the relief of the chiropractor, without the copay!"
Jessica M.
"Love it. Really help my upper back pain."
Even just a minute or two can make you feel brand new.
"I’m a poet and I was completely unaware. But seriously, I’ve been bringing this to work to show coworkers and telling friends and family about this thing. It’s so wonderful. I use it just a few minutes before bed and sleep so much better. Great product. "
Such an asset
"Really helps with stretching out my back. I've had problems since I was a kid and this makes it easier to manage. Videos are a great way to learn more on usefulness."
Tamara C.
Excellent product love it
"So far so good it’s helping thx"
felix w.
Great spine restorative stretch. Spinal extension. Love it!
"Excellent. I would like to be able to purchase at a discount for my military clients. "
Tammara M.
"Surprised and joy "
Tae H.
We use this daily!
"We have four children in track who love how this feels after a hard workout. My husband and I love how it feels on our backs after we sit on the uncomfortable bleachers. We originally bought this because my back went out a week before our spring break vacation and a friend at work lent his wheel to my husband who swore by this product. My husband rushed home and after working with the wheel for a few minutes my back slipped back in. I ordered a wheel for our family right then. It makes me feel like I stand straighter after I use it too. We love this simple product. "
Chad T.
Love and Hate can never be friends
"I love your product! I would highly recommend it to everyone. If you are sitting on the fence about making this purchase rest assured that you will be completely satisfied."
Michael S.
Happy with purchase
"Feels very comfortable on the back. Looking forward to exploring the variety of uses."
Suzanne B.
Best thing for my back and neck!!
"I have loved my new wheels. My back and neck feel so much better having been dealing with tons of pain from degenerative neck and discs for years. Tried many other things for it but was never as realigning as this. Back was sore for the first couple weeks from all the time I put in to stretching my back using muscles I havent in years. I feel like I'm a bit taller from not having everything so compressed. Thank you! Wished I would have bought these years ago. "
Rochelle H.
Love it
"My overall experience has been great. I only wish I had bought the whole package. My back feels great. "
Ginger C.
Deep tissue roller
"Amazing. The deep tissue wheel works really well, I look forward to trying the others ! "
Heather G.
Pretty Pretty Pretty Good
"I love the stretch with the Plexus wheel, BUT I was hoping for a snap crackle and pop when I use it. I still love it, don’t get me wrong."
Edward F.
Love It
"I get a lot of tension headaches and this has helped when I start to feel the tension."
Catie B.
Good for me
"I had back pain and initially it was painful to use but with time using it consistently it help with those problems "
Jose R.
Great product!!
"The wheel delivers as promised. It is like a chiropractic and a massage session at the same time. I use it regularly however it does not fully replace what a chiropractor can do for you, it fills in nicely when needed. If I had to not pick about what I had an issue with is that the one side of the wheel is slightly larger than the other. It causes a bit of an uneven roll. I can feel one side digs in a bit more than the other. Overall, it is a great product!!!"
Tenzin G.
Simple and easy to use
"Love it. Gets into the hard to reach places between my shoulder blades. Chiropractor said “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because it’s working.”"
Nicole S.
You should check if it shipped before sending two emails to leave feedback
"Very excited to receive it and give it a whirl "
Adam M.
pinched nerve relief
"i walk around a lot at work and when my strides are uneven and dealing with a pinched lower back/sacrum nerve, rolling it out with this 6" really helps!"
Briana H.
Better tjan a foam roller
"I've been using this morning and night and haven't been back to the Chiro since. Very happy."
Linda M.
Almost instant relief...
"For months now, I’ve had bad, mid back pain. It felt like I might have a bulging disc. Being a father of a toddler, it’s hard to find the time to go get checked out, so I thought I’d try this first. I feel like the swelling is gone and the pain is with it. I’ve been using my Plexus Wheel+ every day, a couple of times a day since I got it and I feel a HUGE difference. One thing I will say is it doesn’t feel great while using it. It’s not painful, but it is uncomfortable. But, the relief I get immediately after using it is well worth a few minutes of minimal discomfort. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made. "
Justin R.
love it!
"I've only had them a few days, and my back and neck already feel better!"
Carrie K.
"I was torn on which model to purchase, but the new series was on back order. Thankfully, I am extremely pleased with my order! For those who prefer a deeper massage the original is fabulous! So glad to have all four!"
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