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"Absolutely amazing! Works as described and has eliminated MULTIPLE trips to the chiropractor! We use it everyday!"
Gabrielle S.
"These have been a godsend. They flex and stretch my back nice and slow. Highly recommend them."
Alexandra M.
It works great!!!
"I was really impressed! I have bad scoliosis and after having 4 kids my back got worse over the years! I tried it and love chirp! My back even looks a little straighter! My back is hardly in pain too! Feels like I went to the chiropractor! I use it almost everyday and love it! "
Caitlin P.
A wonder wheel
"This little guy is a real treat! You have to work yourself into using this as a full back deep tissue roller. It caused a little more irritation and discomfort originally but because it was working out some bigger points of tension in my back. It won't heal you over night but continual use has helped loosen up those points of tension. Using it as a neck stretcher daily has helped with tension headaches. My favorite use of this wheel however is as a posture corrector. I work on the computer hours on end and before the wheel my neck would hurt within 30 minutes due to my posture. Using the wheel periodically during my work day has helped me correct my posture. I am able to work longer hours without the neck pain. "
Ellie P.
Our Backs Have Never Felt Better
"I bought the full bundle for my husband for his birthday and it's been fantastic. It definitely helps to have all the different sizes because starting with the deep plexus wheel when you have very sore muscles can be fairly painful. So working your way from gentle to deep after a few days is helpful. I definitely don't have as much pain and discomfort after using it every night for a week. Shipping was fast and easy too! Thank you for saving our backs, Plexus Wheel! "
Grace Z.
Bought the three wheel plexus+
"Great product! Only have to use for a few minutes a day and my back pain is gone! Cracks and pops my back feels great!"
Tommy N.
Quick question
"I thought I had purchased the wheels with the ridge, or indent in it. I got the wheels that are straight across. Girlfriend likes however I was more interested in the indented ones because she has had back surgery and was concerned for her comfort."
James P.
Just what the Kickstarter ordered...
"I've been seeing ads for these yoga wheels for a few months and I've been curious about a way to stretch out my back after a long day at work. The funny ad videos roped me in and I pulled the plug and bought one. I immediately started rolling after getting it in the mail and it's been great. I look forward to using it daily."
Michael A.
"I don’t know I gave it to my son in law as a gift"
Bonnie C.
"I love it. I even cancelled my chiropractor because I feel like Chirp is enough to maintain my back now. I keep telling people to try it."
Marla M.
Travel sized back cracker
"I spend much of the year traveling internationally and can't lug around a heavy foam roller. I used to try to make due with the pain and pressure, but no longer thanks to the smallest plexus wheel. It's super light and small enough to fit in my carry-on so I can get that snap, crackle pop we all have come to love about foam rollers. It's faster to get the job done than a foam roller too due to its size and design. Love it. "
Benjamin G.
Love it!
"It took a couple times to figure out what works best for me, but now that I have, it saves a $50 trip to the chiropractor! Wish I would have found it years ago!"
Allen Q.
Outstanding Product!
"Great! Outstandin!"
Alberto O.
Best foam roller ever.
"It is the perfect size for the middle of your back and rhomboids"
Denny E.
"Great, hard to use at first but works great, remember the large wheel can be used for your whole back and the small is only safe for your shoulder blades and above. "
joshua m.
It Works!
"I love the 6” Plexus Wheel+! I’ve tried many things for my back (inversion table, physical therapy, etc.), but the Plexus Wheel+ has brought the only meaningful results. I like the 6” wheel because it’s easy to take when I travel. However, I have not had any luck using it while sitting in a chair, but I haven’t felt the need to try. It’s great. I just wish I would have had it before my months of physical therapy."
Paul B.
Cracking and popping
"Boy does this thing get my back to crack! I love it and use it daily. "
Emily C.
Great, lasting relief
"I've had thoracic kyphosis since childhood which means my posture is mostly maintained by my back muscles. By the end of the day I am usually a monstruous slouch and or experiencing discomfort. I find that a couple minutes with the plexus wheel elongates my spine and stretches out my chest, buying me several hours of relief. Happy with my purchase."
Max O.
Lower back of gold.
"As a automotive technician I sped my days contorted into various positions and performing hard physical labor. I had tried a handful of solutions for tension and pain in my lower back, but never had any luck. With a money back guarantee I couldn't pass it up. This is by far the best item I've used for back pain and will be purchasing other sizes as well. "
Kyle W.
Best back relief I have found
"Incredible fully can align my back with no need for chiropractor even helps with my hip problems I love this thing "
Jonathan J.
"I use it daily to get my back in alignment and relieve pain"
Katie R.
"I love my chirps! I can actually turn my neck to look behind me. I haven't been able to do that in years.......even with chiropractic visits! "
Patty P.
Helped heal my chronic back pain!!
"I am in LOVE with your products!! I have had chronic lower and middle back pain for years. I see a chiropractor for it, but I was desperate to try something inbetween visits. This product serves as the perfect tool for that job!! I have one at work and 2 at home. I make sure to stretch at least 1-2 times at work and 1 longer stretch each night. I can now wake up without pain in my back and at work I have less pain throughout the day. These wheels were a total game changer!! Thank you so much!"
Sabrina M.
Releasing tension with precision
"Using the 6" size, i was able to target specific areas of my back that needed vertebrae movement. I look forward to using it after wrecking my back snowboarding. Highly rec!"
Sebastian T.
So far so good!
"Had them about a month now giving about 5 or so min to stretch out the back and aside from the initial first day and feeling the knots it's definitely gotten better can't wait to try other exercises with them "
Chris O.
Buy it
"Love it. very different from any roller or lacrosse ball therapy!"
Jamie G.
Feeling better
"I was skeptical based on the feedback however I have been using each evening and I have much less tension in my back. Glad I made the purchase. "
Shawn H.
"It relieves the tension and is slightly addictive!"
Ruth D.
Worth it
"Not quite the same as visiting a really good masseuse, but for the price of one short massage I can get a decent massage whenever I want at home. My back has thanked me for it so far."
Joseph K.
Great - but overpriced?
"I love the wheels, they do wonders. The design is very simple, yet effective. I just wonder why I paid so much, but I suppose that's my own fault. To be fair to buyers, I feel they should be cheaper, but that aside it is a great product! Even my chiropractor was interested when I showed him."
Johnny F.
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